“Not An Accident”

Fox Analysts Conclude CPAC Christie Snub Wasn’t An Oversight

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Did Chris Christie’s CPAC 2013 invite simply get lost in the mail?

Doubtful. That excuse predates the Internet and smart phones! Someone obviously doesn’t want him at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren and The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York agree and they have a few ideas…


My two-part question for YOU, Save Jerseyans:

Did the CPAC organizers make a mistake? And should Chris Christie care either way?

9 thoughts on ““Not An Accident”

  1. The Republicans seem to be doing whatever it takes to destroy the party. I know I've lost my enthusiasm – at the federal level, that is.

  2. @Sara I've lost it at every level. Sometimes it seems like everyone leading the GOP is either (1) devoid of conservative principles or (2) devoid of any pragmatism/public relations instincts. God help us…

  3. why would a guy who says he agrees with andrew cuno on 98% of the issues be invited to the CONSERVATIVE political action conference?

  4. The snub isn't surprising, ever since Sandy Christie hasn't been a team player. CPAC isn't about expanding the base and hasn't been for sometime purity, which leads intolerance over new ideas.

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