Christie Not Headed to CPAC

Christie Not Headed to CPAC

REPORT: New Jersey’s Governor Not Expected to Attend Annual Conservative Gathering

By Matt Rooney The Save Jersey Blog

GOP presidential contenders (past and present) will be there, Save Jerseyans. Rand Paul (libertarian/tea party), Jeb Bush (establishment), Marco Rubio (conservative), and even good ole’ Mitt Romney are heading to the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C. next month.

Who won’t be there? As of right now, New Jersey’s rockstar Governor (via News Nation):


Whether Chris Christie wasn’t invited, or he declined, or neither party even cared enough to consider the possibility and initiate communications is somewhat immaterial. He does, after all, have a reelection bid to think about. Your takeaway? The national Republican base and its most likely (and arguably most electable) 2016 prospect are still clearly on the outs after the controversial “Obama embrace” after Hurricane Sandy ravaged our home state. It’s not just conjecture. Poll after poll tells the exact same story.

Will he be able to make amends during the 2014 midterm cycle? Again… whether it’s justified is somewhat irrelevant at this point, Save Jerseyans. It’s real, and Christie’s inner circle is undoubtedly working up a way to deal with it.

The Governor is in D.C. this weekend for meetings with President Obama and his fellow governors.

Side note: also allegedly not on the CPAC attendee list per the MSNBC report is GOPROUD, a Republican gay/lesbian group whose leader Jimmy LaSalvia was interviewed by Save Jersey in 2012.

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  1. He should go to CPAC, but really, the only thing that matters right now is Christie's veto on all these democrat gun bills. If Christie signs any of them to law, he'll never win a primary regardless of his attendance at CPAC.

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