Wolf Sniffs Out Hoax

CNN News Team Abandons Objectivity, Declares Menendez Allegations Are Quite Possibly a Set Up for the Media

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

What you’re about to witness is quite possibly the most BIASED mainstream media reporting that I’ve ever seen, Save Jerseyans. And I make it my mission to watch for this stuff even when it’s nauseating.

According to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and Drew Griffin, it’s patently obvious that Bob Menendez hasn’t done a damn thing wrong. I guess they know better than the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that’s reportedly still probing?

Give their super-snarky commentary a viewing, re-read our Menendez archives to reacquaint yourself with the facts as we understand them, and contemplate whether a Republican involved in an FBI inquiry would ever receive this much deference from CNN or any other major network/newspaper besides Fox News:


A least they didn’t blame it on Cubo like Albio Sires…?

If you can’t get audio, text of the most remarkable on air exchange between Blitzer and Griffin is below the fold:

WOLF BLITZER (CNN HOST): You couldn’t get this tipster to meet you in person. Others who have investigated him couldn’t even get him on the phone. Is it possible that this is just one big hoax? There is no real Peter Williams?

DREW GRIFFIN (CNN CORRESPONDENT): Well, it seems very plausible there is no Peter Williams. The question is, Wolf is who is behind it, and what are the actual facts behind the allegations, specifically the prostitution allegations that person has made? The dominican republic, the district attorney there office said it’s going to investigate, but we checked again today. There doesn’t seem to be any hot investigation going on to find it, but I will point out Pete Williams, Harrison Pete Williams, as you’ll recall, Wolf, involved in a scandal from the Senate, another Senator from New Jersey. So, this could all be just be baiting the press to try to get to us investigate these cases.


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