Christie Menendez Substitute?

POLL: Who Should Governor Chris Christie Appoint if the Embattled Bob Menendez Leaves the U.S. Senate?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie, Lautenberg and MenendezI have no reason to believe Bob Menendez is likely to resign or face removal over the widely-reported Dominican Republic travel allegations, Save Jerseyans.

The big difference from this time last week? They’re now widely-reported allegations. About time, right?

And when the ultra-liberal New York Times starts asking questions, and your Democrat allies begin imagining laughably-unrealistic foreign conspiracies worthy of a Tom Clancy novel, then it’s time to start ducking into elevators to avoid reporters, and for the rest of us to assume that this story might have legs. Which would mean Governor Chris Christie could have a very important decision to make in the near future.

I already laid out for you the five (5) most likely choices in a separate post, but I’ve post an extended list below; VOTE for your preference and then give me your best argument in the comments section…

Who Should Chris Christie Appoint to Replace Bob Menendez If He Resigns? free polls 

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  1. Jennifer Beck, Her history shows her fighting for the people of N.J. She spoke up to Menendez's Puppet Master, Jon Corzine when he attempted to raise our Highway tolls 800%. Menendez should resign, If you google what he has done for N.J. in the last 6 years, can anyone really come up with anything worth noting?

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