Daily Caller Digs In

News Website Responsible for Breaking Menendez Travel/Prostitution Allegations Continues to Stand By Its Story

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Tucker CarlsonIn case you missed it this week, Save Jerseyans, The Daily Caller and its founder Tucker Carlson vociferously defended itself against reports that its reporting on Bob Menendez’s Dominican Republic vacations was based on bad information. Specifically, information that was allegedly paid for by someone/some entit(ies).

Tucker dug in and was pretty darn blunt about his position:

The Daily Caller never paid anyone, was never asked to pay anyone and of course never would pay anyone for this story.”

Click here to read the rest of the DC’s side of this story. I have a feeling this one’s not over yet…

9 thoughts on “Daily Caller Digs In

  1. Let's see…Tucker Carlson….or Menendez.Not even close. My money is on former Crossfire host, Tucker. Not the Hudson County hack that has questionable dealings following him like a dark cloud his entire public life. If only democrat machine NJ would report them with vigor as if Menendez was a Republican.

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