A Random Act of “Journalism”

Accepting WashPo Report As Gospel, CNN Grills Daily Caller Over Menendez Story

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

CNN Menendez SegmentTake a moment to watch this video (posted below) of an interview on CNN, Save Jerseyans.

You’ll see a CNN anchor barely come up for air as she grills David Martosko of The Daily Caller over a report from this week’s The Washington Post that alleged one of the purported escorts behind the Bob Menendez Dominican Republic prostitution allegations had been paid to fabricate her story. Caller spokespersons (including Martosko) continue to defend their sourcing. They also continue to assert that it’s the wrong woman, although Martosko was barely able to get a word in throughout the CNN exchange.

Then after having viewed this short video, please ask yourselves… have you EVER seen a member of the mainstream media question a member of the Obama Administration like this? Over the Benghazi attacks? Its sequester exaggerations? The Fast and Furious scandal? Any number of debacles over the past 4+ years? 

Good grief; I’m embarrassed for them! Video below the fold…


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