Christie Backs New Gun Controls

Regulations Would Include Mental Health Purchase Regulations, Magazine Cap and Video Game Ban

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

gunGovernor Chris Christie held a press conference on Friday afternoon in Trenton and, as expected, Save Jerseyans, he announced his support for several narrow but nevertheless tough new gun control measures.

Here are just a few highlights (or low-lights, depending on your perspective):

(1) Christie would support allowing adjudicated mental health records to be pulled for instant gun background checks.

(2) Christie backs firearm photo ID cards.

(3) He’s also open to a proposal from Asm. Sean Kean to regulate violent video game purchases.

(4) New Jersey would assign criminal sanctions for selling guns to felons or mentally ill; additionally, 3rd criminal penalties could come down for improperly securing firearms away from certain individuals including minors and the mentally ill.

(5)  Retaining the cap on magazine capacity at 15 rounds.

(6) Christie would support a ban on the .50 caliber Barrett Rifle.

I don’t know what to tell you, folks. For me, today’s events in Boston are a great practical argument AGAINST gun control. A whole city forced to “shelter in place” like sitting ducks? Am I the only one bothered by that? Doubtful. And Governor Christie has previously admitted that New Jersey already has among the toughest gun laws in the nation. Will more help?

But none of this is a surprise, and for what it’s worth, it’s a lot more modest than the Assembly’s gun control package (which I’m certain figured into his political calculus). We’ll have more analysis in the days ahead… the State Senate is expected to roll out its own proposals on Monday which will probably be somewhere between the Senate and Christie. For now, click here to read the accompanying executive order and here to read the full press release detailing today’s announced proposals.

35 thoughts on “Christie Backs New Gun Controls

  1. Document dump at 5:30 on a Friday? Nice job Obama… I mean, Christie! Will your incumbent lackey liberal Republicans march in lockstep behind you? Vote Republicans for Conservative Leadership on June 4th, if you value your privacy and your 2nd Amendment rights. Do not let them turn this State into another Chicago!

  2. Christie just lost my vote. If I wanted a Democrat for Governor I would have voted for Corzine. I'm sick of being stabbed in the back by fake Republicans.

  3. This fat tub of lard wants to ban video games now? Goddamn, will we ever get a conservative here?

  4. The mental health check- ABSOLUTELY! Psychology is not an exact science! Nobody knows whether a depressed person, a mentally ill person or just some nut will go on a rampage. You just don't know so it's better for everyone if someone diagnosed with a mental illness is kept AWAY from weapons. The video game ban – no. You can draw lines and correlations anywhere you want between video games and real-life violence but the proof just isn't there and it will never be.

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