“Open For Business” (VIDEO)

Christie Tells World that the Jersey Shore is Open For Business With Weeks to Go Before Memorial Day Weekend

By Art Gallagher | MoreMonmouthMusings.com

Christie Shore PresserAfter meeting with business owners in Long Branch yesterday, Governor Chris Christie told the press that the businesses’ biggest frustration is the amount of phone calls they get asking if they are open. 

“They’re happy that at least the phone is ringing,” said Christie, emphasizing that the perception that the Shore is not open has to be impacted.

Christie said that there would be a multi-media ad campaign launch by the Economic Development Authority next month to promote Jersey Shore Tourism.  It has not been determined if Christie will appear in the aid. “I haven’t been asked. If I’m asked and I think it is appropriate I will consider it,” the Governor said in response to a reporter who asked if he would appear in the state funded ad during the gubernatorial campaign season.


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