There’s No Tea Party in Chechnya

Mainstream Media Failed the American People Throughout Boston Bombing Aftermath

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog


New Jersey's Tea Parties are divided over whether to support Mitt Romney.

My condolences go out to the mainstream media this morning, Save Jerseyans.

I don’t think there’s a tea party in Chechnya.

Listening to nothing except broadcast media reports for the past week might’ve confused the issue for you. Many in the media were openly hoping that this week’s horrifying terrorist attack at the Boston Marathon had been perpetrated by “white non-Islamic terrorists”… their words, not mine.

But the profile of the suspects in the middle of today’s manhunt appears decidedly different.

Some of you will scold me for harping on the mainstream media’s poor behavior when there’s an active police situation underway in Beantown. Believe me (and those of you who know me personally will): I haven’t stopped praying for everyone up there since I woke up this morning and heard the news.

Nevertheless, this blog’s tireless and uninterrupted pursuit is the truth behind the events shaping our nation and state, and the fact remains that the most appropriate time for Left’s compassion and measured commentary was immediately after dozens of Americans were attacked, maimed, and in a few cases killed in Boston by terrorists. What did many members of the MSM do instead? Again, they took to the airwaves, radio waves and channels of social media to theorize wildly about a possible right-wing connection to tax day. Politicizing tragedies is what they do best; revisit the Aurora shooting coverage or their coverage of any incident since for ample evidence. The White House is no better than their press corps allies. Did you hear David Axelrod the other day?

Now the authorities are on the hunt and one suspect is dead. It’s time to ascertain who these fellas are/were in the interest of addressing the threat, and it sure doesn’t look like the wild speculation about “right wingers” had any basis in reality. The American people deserve to know it when their media stops reporting news and, alternatively, focuses on advancing an ideology/worldview. Save Jersey will continue to ring that bell until everyone’s paying attention to it.

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