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Save Jersey’s 2013 Meet the Candidates Series Continues, Week of April 21, 2013

By Nicole Sanders | The Save Jersey Blog

LD33In my efforts to introduce candidates to the voting public, I started a weekly column called Meet the Candidates. In essence it is a past day stump speech updated for the virtual world.

For this week’s column, I am honored to introduce to you State Senate Candidate, James Sanford. Sanford is running in the 33rd Legislative District and is trying to unseat incumbent Democratic Senator Brian P. Stack. He is thirty year old Berkeley College alumni with a degree in Accounting and as a former Chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans and a current Republican Committeeman. James is not entirely new to politics; currently, he is the Manager of the Procurement Department at a credit union in New York City.

My interview with candidate Sanford is below the fold:

Sanders: What makes you a more viable candidate in comparison to your challenger?

Sanford: The strength of my candidacy lies in the fact that everyone knows my opponent and the list of missteps that have caused the people of the 33rd District to look elsewhere for leadership. My job is to communicate that I am that leader. I offer a new start and fresher perspective. Lastly, I am free to represent the interests of the entire district where as my opponent must balance his responsibilities as both State Senator and Mayor of Union City. Sometimes what is best for Hoboken, Weehawken, and Jersey City isn’t always easiest for Union City. How does my opponent balance these conflicts?

Sanders: To you, what are your greatest legislative or personal accomplishments thus far?

Sanford: My greatest personal accomplishment has been to become a better listener and communicator. It’s a skill that I constantly work on because it is important in accomplishing results with any task or with any team. In my view being successful is in being able to communicate well.

Sanders: How do you feel your current line of work will help you if you are elected Senator?

Sanford: If elected Senator I believe that my experience as a Purchasing Manager will be beneficial for three reasons. I have experience preparing budgets, negotiating costs downward, and organizing a team to get a job done. For these reasons, I believe that I can be an effective member of a team that makes sound decisions for New Jersey.

Sanders: What have you learned as the Chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans that will help you if you are elected?

Sanford: As Chair I have learned the benefits of teamwork; the importance of respect, and the value of empowering others to achieve goals. If elected, I will be well prepared to work towards goals rather than working against people. Being Chair helped me to learn how to be both an effective leader and team member, which is what we need in Trenton.

Sanders: If your constituents wanted to reach out to you and ask you questions about your positions or how to volunteer who can they reach out to?

Sanford: Constituents can call me on my personal e-mail me at Whenever a person volunteers their time or resources for me it is greatly appreciated. If anyone ever has a question or concern then please leave me message and will respond as soon as possible.

Sanders: In a short statement please advise why your constituents should vote for you and what do you want accomplish in the next four years?

Sanford: Constituents should vote for me if I have earned their respect and their trust. How can I ask for your vote if this is not the case? I do not have grand plans. Simply put, in four years my accomplishment will be in leaving fewer problems for the people of New Jersey. Trenton should spend more efficiently and pay out less where ever possible. I want to solve the financial issues that affect us all regardless of our party affiliations. Only then will I think that I have actually achieved something noteworthy. For specifics, please give me a call anytime.

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