What Part of Evil Don’t You Get?

What Part of Evil Don’t You Get?

Some Americans Still Need to Come to Terms with the Existence of Evil in Our World

By Dan Cirucci | Cross-Posted at Dan Cirucci’s Blogspot

EvilSince the horrific attack yesterday there have been people on radio and TV saying all sorts of dumb things.

In fact, we appear to be surrounded by inanity.

Last night on TV some commentator or eyewitness or whoever came on and said he felt very, very sorry for those who died and those who lost limbs in the bombing BUT he also felt sorry for those who couldn’t complete the marathon and never got to experience “their moment.”

What? WHAT?!

There is NO moral equivalence here. None. Get it? This guy lost his leg. It had to be amputated on the spot. And this poor guy over here was never able to cross the finish line. Awwww! What the hell has happened to our priorities? Where is our sense of moral relevancy?

It appears as if we’ve become so wound up in ourselves — our own challenges; our own personal best; our own sense of fulfillment; our own agendas; our need to feel oh so special — that we’ve completely lost sight of the broader issue (indeed, the broader THREAT) here.

So for those who may be just a bit confused, let’s cut to the chase and get this straight: There is evil in the world…


5 thoughts on “What Part of Evil Don’t You Get?

  1. First of all, the stories in the bible are fairy tales that never happened. Second, self absorbed, self interested and a complete lack of empathy? Pretty much describes Mitt Romney. Third, who's 'they'? Nobody knows who's responsible for committing this crime yet. How about we let the investigation proceed before we jump to conclusions as to blame, shall we?

    The ones I fear most of all right now are the bureaucrats in our own government who have now been given a mandate to take away even more of our freedom and civil liberties and turn post 9/11 America into even more of a police state than it's already become.

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