Chiesa Votes with Immigration Majority

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

ChiesaU.S. Senator Jeffrey Chiesa (R-NJ) sided with the majority tonight, 67-27, voting to advance the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act to its next procedural plateau; next up is a potential filibuster battle on Wednesday.

Senator Chiesa’s been somewhat of a mixed bag for conservatives on the immigration front heading into the final round of voting.

Back on June 11th, he voted to advance the legislation past its initial procedural hurdle on the Senate floor; Chiesa subsequently voted in favor of a border fence opposed by Democrats and a few Republicans including Marco Rubio.

Which other Republicans voted YEA? Click here for the roll call.

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  1. I'm hoping a drunken Mexican without a drivers license slams into Menedeze's car on the highway. or Chiesa's

  2. Really? All these sour grapes? Do you know Romney lost the election mainly due to lack of Hispanic support? 70% of the Hispanic vote went to Obama… enough to make the election out of reach… because of Republicans refusal to deal with immigration in a meaningful way. I voted for Obama so I do not share your angst, but I'm really shocked at the lack of pragmatism in the aforementioned opinions. Its perfectly fine with me if you want to vote against this guy and immigration reform… it keeps my party in office.

  3. And do you REALLY think by this vote Hispanics will think "hmmmm….now I'm voting Republican". Come on!!!!

  4. And if you think about it… most of that HIspanic vote SHOULD line up with Republican Pro-Life/Marriage issues… because many Hispanics (read 99%) are Catholic or Evangelical… they SHOULD have been in the GOP camp… but they weren't… and its only because of immigration.

  5. @John Flaherty…Republicans NEVER get the Hispanic or Black vote in a majority…even if Romney got 100% of the illegal vote he wouldn't have won….check the real numbers not the talking points..

  6. This guy was the TOP COP….needs to get a job more suiting…like PET DETECTIVE…

    · Immediate amnesty before enforcement
    · Guts legal requirement for biometric exit-entry system
    · Millions of green cards (permanent residency) before enforcement—debunking another false claim from sponsors
    · No border surge. Agents aren’t required until 2021. It will never happen
    · No fence requirement. DHS retains discretion in the bill that preempts the call for a fence in ten years. Litigation also provides an escape hatch to never build the fence. The fence won’t happen
    · Legalization for gang members and convicted criminals
    · Amnesty for future visa overstays (in other words, a prospective amnesty for future illegal immigrants)
    · Guaranteed welfare access for illegal immigrants
    · Undermines interior enforcement, prompting ICE officers to warn: “There is no doubt that, if passed, public safety will be endangered and massive amounts of future illegal immigration—especially visa overstays—is ensured.”
    · Expands non-merit chain migration—less than 10 percent of future flow is merit-based
    · Doubles the number of guest workers and triples the number of immigrants granted lawful permanent residency—reducing wages for U.S. workers and driving up unemployment

  8. I don't get it. I know Christie wants to appeal to moderates and democrats in the 2016 presidential election, but between the lovefests with Obama and this vote, he loses the GOP primary. There's no way Republicans in the midwest or the south vote for Chris Christie in a 2016 primary.

  9. .

    Thanks for nothing, Chris…

    Every vote this Quisling makes is YOUR responsibility.

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