Sandy’s Not the Whole Story

The Truth: Christie’s Poll Numbers Were High Before Sandy Struck… Back When He Was a Republican Hero!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Hurricane Sandy SurveyA brand new poll from the Rutgers-Eagleton Institute hit the web early this morning, Save Jerseyans, and the results continue to show broad-based, bipartisan electoral support for Governor Chris Christie…

While Republicans (87 percent), Democrats (85 percent), and independents (88 percent) all overwhelmingly approve Christie’s post-Sandy recovery efforts, partisans show double-digit differences in their support for Christie on virtually every other issue. Division is particularly strong on what most voters continue to say are the two most important problems in New Jersey – the economy (including jobs) and taxes. Just 41 percent of all voters approve Christie’s handling of these issues, with support among Democrats at just over one-quarter, while more than 60 percent of Republicans approve.

The effects of Sandy continue to buoy Christie’s overall ratings: 70 percent approve of his job performance, 64 percent have a favorable impression, and 58 percent award Christie an A or B for his work. Overall ratings show little change from the last Rutgers-Eagleton Poll in April 2013.”

So yes, the Sandy aftermath continues to significantly enhance Governor Christie’s job approval rating. I’m not trying to be a pain in the rear, folks, but “buoy” may not be the most accurate word choice…

It may seem like a lifetime ago for many of you, but back when “Sandy” wasn’t anyone other than a girl in a Springsteen song, Chris Christie’s job approval rating was still very strong for a New Jersey Republican. One Monmouth/APP poll from September 2012 (one month before the storm) reported the Governor’s approval at 55%. He’s been above 50% consistently throughout his first term.

I’m reminding you of Christie’s persistent popularity to help maintain much-needed perspective in the midst of these polling discussions, not just for the election itself but in terms of what we’ve accomplished as a movement over the past four years. Democrats and their sympathizers continue to delude themselves into believing that the Governor is about to be reelected solely on the basis of Sandy.

They want you to believe it, too. But it’s utter nonsense! It’s nothing more than a convenient fiction, folks, because no liberal union Democrat wants to accept that a fiscally-conservative, pro-life, public sector union-battling Republican is poised to win a double-digit statewide victory in one of America’s bluer states.

You don’t have to be a political mastermind to understand why liberals feel a compulsion to blame a hurricane for their Garden State problems…

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