Holder is a Disgrace

By Dale Glading | The Save Jersey Blog

eric holderHow can I say this delicately?  I mean, we are talking about our country’s highest-ranking law enforcement officer, so I want to phrase things just right.  Well, here goes nothing…

Eric Holder should shut his pie hole.

That’s right, Save Jerseyans, the attorney general of the United States is nothing more than a race-baiting, riot-instigating, constitution-breaking ambulance chaser.

Sworn to be faithful to the blindfolded Lady Justice, Holder has chosen instead to join Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson in an unholy media ménage-a-trois.

This is the same guy who turned a blind eye to allegations of voter intimidation in Philadelphia by members of the New Black Panther Party.  Yeah, the one who also lied under oath about Fast and Furious, the Associated Press and Fox News wiretapping scandals, and other gross violations of the law that can be traced back to his office – and in some cases, to his very desk.

Now, in a desperate move to circumvent the Constitution and to impose his own subjective version of the truth, Holder has promised to waste even more taxpayer’s money on an investigation into whether or not George Zimmerman is guilty of a hate crime.  This after the Justice Department coerced local law enforcement agencies into prosecuting the case against their better judgment and even financed demonstrations to support such action.

Folks, the only hate crime here is the one committed by Holder and his minions against common sense and common decency.

Let it go, Mr. Attorney General.  A jury of his peers has spoken and there are bigger metaphorical fish to fry on the corruption front, like the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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  1. A racist, and a law breaker who is promoting civil unrest, by only enforcing laws that further the present administration´s agenda. And exciting blacks against whites, with reverse discrimination. A

  2. I think Holder is a bigger danger than Obama to be honest. At least Obama doesn´t give guns to Mexican drug lords to shoot up border patrol agents.

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