Money is Pragmatic. Always Has Been!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Money BagThere’s a solid but pretty obvious post up at Slate discussing how the so-called super donor class is positively predisposed to Governor Chris Christie but not-so-enamored with libertarianism or its higher profile adherents, notably Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. The public spat between two of 2016’s most compelling prospective participants has reopened the discussion.

But again… it’s not really news. We’ve followed Gov. Christie’s evolving relationship with the moneyed class here at Save Jersey and explained the Christie camp’s belief that his extensive national campaigning and networking (among other factors) will help him overcome base disillusionment. That, and Slate’s contributors tend to look at things ideologically because they’re ideological creatures.

The real story: money is pragmatic, Save Jerseyans. Always has been! And it always will be.

Pragmatism dictates that you invest in the best possible investment aligned with your interests. Every public poll (and quite a few private ones which I’ve heard about second hand) have shown Chris Christie performing very well against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016. Other candidates (including Sen. Paul) would be starting from behind.

Sure, some of these guys will back a Christie over a Paul for personal reasons or ideological justifications. Some are frankly too rich to give a damn about regulations and the rhetoric which candidates draw upon when talking upon them. Just because someone makes calculations doesn’t mean there isn’t a belief system underpinning the decision to engage this process in the first place.

But at the end of the day, when a multi-millionaire or billionaire decides to cut a giant check to a super PAC, they’re not doing it without considering whether the horse in question has a realistic chance of crossing the finish line.

Love it, hate it… don’t lose sleep lamenting human nature. “It’s not personal, Sonny.” Just business. Paul backers need to spend their time working to make libertarianism marketable rather than railing against the realities of power politics which always have been and always will be.

5 thoughts on “Money is Pragmatic. Always Has Been!

  1. The problem with making libertarian "marketable" is that people, for the most part are not buying what libertarians are selling…responsibility, freedom, property rights, non aggression. Most americans like their big wars, killing muslims terrorists, their medicare, safety nets, town fireworks displays, etc…

    libertarianism/anarchy, however will be the last ideology standing when the other choice is complete tyranny. today´s conservative is a big government person with different views than the dreaded lib-tard.

    economics dictates that liberalism and today´s modern conservatism will both die soon enough as they have the same end result…more government

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