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McGreevey To Head Jersey City Jobs Commission

By Art Gallagher |

McGreeveyFormer Governor Jim McGreevey is back in government service, according to a report in The Jersey Journal.

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop appointed McGreevey to the position of Executive Director of the Jersey City Employment and Training Commission.  The commission is apparently a new venture of Fulop’s who made job creation and the establishment of a re-entry program for ex-offenders a major plank of his recent election campaign.  There is no information about the commission on the city’s website.

Fulop’s spokesperson, Jennifer Morrill, did not know what McGreevey’s salary will be when we asked her. She promised to get back to us with that information and whether or not the job is pensionable.


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  1. In follow up, now that I have read the article, here´s some 411 you might want to confirm/follow up on. As a former JC resident/native, I do believe that the position is pensionable. But Jersey City has its own pension system, they do not currently for non-law enforcement participate in the state pension system although the transition report recommends it. I am not sure how the pension question is of great weight in this particular case because the rest of his time is in PERS as Woodbridge Mayor and Governor. I´d be interested in hearing more about where you are headed with the question.

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  3. Disgraceful. I left JC two years ago and actually liked Steven Fulop. Why would he put such a disgraceful person in office? He lied to two women (by marrying them) and tried to put his lover in a job for homeland security in which he had NO experience. Shame on Steve….

  4. It´s amazing at no matter how low democrats have sunk or how badly they have screwed up, another scumbag democrat will help them out with a job (public sector, tax payer funded of course).

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