NH Gun Owners Monitoring Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

New Hampshire

A pro-Second Amendment group in New Hampshire, home of the nation’s earliest presidential primary election, has issued a clear message for Chris Christie, Save Jerseyans:

If you’re running in 2016, our support is contingent upon how you treat anti-Second Amendment legislation.

Several gun bills are currently sitting on the Governor’s desk awaiting his action. Pro-Gun New Hampshire, Inc. has zeroed in on four bills, one of which the group claims would violate federal law.

“What he does with them will tell Granite Staters everything they need to know about who Chris Christie really is,” the group warned in a posting on its website. Pro-Gun New Hampshire describes itself as “a statewide membership organization that protects Second Amendment rights within the state of New Hampshire.” The GOP electorate has an independent streak but also harbors libertarian tendencies; the Granite State boasted almost 50,000 registered hunters in 2012 and, consequently, could play a critical role in the first major primary contest of 2016.

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19 thoughts on “NH Gun Owners Monitoring Christie

  1. What´s best for the State? You mean "what´s best for the State politicians!" Bull, the guy ran a platform of bringing down property taxes, after my last increase, I sold and left the State.

  2. He already said that the laws we have are already very strict. We really do not need any more. I really hope he vetoes, because that would be what´s best for the state. There is no need to go after legal gun owners. Go after criminals, like Shawn Custis who spent hardly time in jail even though he commited almost a dozen crimes.

  3. Frankly who gives a … what anyone outside of NJ thinks. He does what is good for OUR state. He has got my Vote and if he does run in 2016 I will again vote for him. Until then MYOB, there is nobody on the Republican side that has been a true leader. Thank G-d we had Christie during Sandy and prior to that.

  4. .

    Is sucking up to Obama and begging for money what passes for leadership nowadays?

    Oh yeah, and picking fights with one of the most principled members of the Senate, while at the same time alienating millions of Conservative and Libertarian voters…

    And picking a lightweight, moderate backbencher to fill Lautenberg´s seat and creating a special election that will cost the taxpayers millions, so it wouldn´t detract from his desire for a landslide at the polls…

    Other than that…

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