@NJ2AS Response to Governor Christie’s Recent Gun Control Vetoes

gunAfter signing some new gun laws into the books a few weeks back, pro-gun rights New Jerseyans had a right to be somewhat unhappy with Governor Christie, who has previous said that New Jersey has enough gun laws in effect already. However, late last week Christie struck his veto pen across some of the worst gun bills to come out of Trenton in a long time, and the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, the state’s largets gun rights advocacy group, seems cautiously pleased.

Governor Christie vetoed the three most offensive gun ownership restrictions passed by the New Jersey Senate and Assembly this year. These bills were deemed the “centerpiece” of what Senate President Steve Sweeney referred to as his “National Model”. The Governor’s veto of these bills is a monumental victory for law-abiding firearms owners in the State of New Jersey. Thankfully, Governor Christie realized this type of legislation is not appropriate for New Jersey or as a model for the rest of the country.

The Governor was correct in ignoring the pleas of gun-grabbing organizations based out of state, like “Ceasefire New Jersey” and “Heeding God’s Call”. These organizations lobbied to further oppress the law-abiding New Jersey firearms owner, but have no standing whatsoever in our state. The project director of Ceasefire New Jersey lives in New York and the organization has no status as a New Jersey Corporation. Heeding God’s Call is a Pennsylvania-based 501(c)3 that has no business lobbying anywhere, let alone in New Jersey. These gun-grabbing groups are not interest in the welfare of New Jersey’s citizens. Like the prohibitionists of old, they want to come here and destroy something they don’t personally like.

The Constitution doesn’t work like that, and it is time they learned that lesson.

The members and supporters of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society worked long and hard to send a message to the Governor about these bills. We are grateful that he took the time to review our concerns and to agree with our position. We would also like to recognize the other organizations that played a part in this victory to defeat this “national model” legislation. The California-based Firearms Policy Coalition hosted a contest that encouraged citizens throughout the country to take part in the campaign to convince Governor Christie to veto these bills. We would also like to recognize our friends at Pro-Gun New Hampshire who voiced their opposition to these onerous provisions proclaimed a “national model” by NJ Senate President Sweeney.

To everyone that participated in this campaign to prevent the further progress of these bills, we thank you and we give you our promise that we will continue to fight for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in New Jersey and throughout the Nation. You can be certain the New Jersey Second Amendment Society will be there when it counts.

Thank you,

Frank Jack Fiamingo
Presedent, NJ2AS

Brian McGovern
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