POLL: Is a Diverse Supreme Court Important to You?

Christie US SenateEarlier today Governor Christie made yet another appointment to the New Jersey Supreme Court, something he seems to have to do quite often since the Democrats have made a habit of delaying and even denying his previous, qualified nominees. This time, the reason for the impending vacancy is that Senator Lesniak, in partisan, “war on women” fashion, made it clear that Justice Helen Hoens would not be reaffirmed by the Democrats in the State Senate.

Christie’s latest choice for the court that is always changing laws up on us here in New Jersey is Camden Assignment Judge Faustino J. Fernandez-Vina. Fernandez-Vina was appointed to the Superior Court by Governor McGreevey in 2004, and has been praised by both Democrats and Republicans in the past.

Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean, Jr. put out a statement earlier today that highlighted how diverse this nomination was,

Assignment Judge Fernandez-Vina has an impressive track-record that has earned him a pair of overwhelming New Jersey Senate confirmations, appointment to the state Superior Court by a Democratic governor and resounding praise from Chief Justice Stuart Rabner. Fernandez-Vina brings diversity as a Hispanic man who stands to be the only Supreme Court Justice from South Jersey

Fernandez-Vina is also registered as a Democrat, but says he is Republican. Camden County Superintendent of Elections Phyllis Pearl confirmed today that the D next to the Judge’s name was merely a technical glitch that occurred during a software switch at the Board of Elections, and that since Fernandez-Vina never votes in primaries, it was never corrected. Apparently the registration is being switched to Republican now that it has met scrutiny.

So here is my question to you, Save Jerseyans. Is a politically, racially, or geographically diverse Supreme Court important to you? Do you believe that these demographic differences make for better justice in our state? Or is the focus on what we can see when we look at Judge Fernandez-Vina, and really every nominee that gets put up for the job, damaging to the process?

Is a Diverse NJ Supreme Court Important to You?
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  1. do the Democrats try to appease the Republicans? no, never ever. They have had the court for years. But then again Christie has become one of those compassionate conservatives.

  2. Words cannot adequately express my disappointment at Christie AND at Tom Kean, Jr. for making this an issue. Until we judge people "by the content of their character," perhaps we ought to do away with the MLK holiday because we certainly are not being true to his dream.

  3. On level of importance, judicial philosphy is first in my opinion. State Supreme Court is tasked with no other responsibilty than that, regardless of (2) Political (3) Geographic and (4) Racial diversity of it´s members. After all, the last three may inspire insight into judicial philosphy. But it shouldn´t create bias cloaked as "diversity." Such epic fail can be easy human error. Integrity first.

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