Christie Signs 4, Vetoes 15 Bills

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie at desk signing budgetToday’s big legislative news concerns the Economic Opportunity Act, Save Jerseyans, but the Governor acted on 18 other bills, too, in what turned out to be a pretty busy Monday at the State House.



A-2948/S-2311 (Mainor, Quijano/Cunningham, Stack) – Sets forth certain reporting requirements when out-of-State law enforcement entities conduct counter-terrorism investigations within New Jersey

A-3405/S-2484 (Lampitt, Wimberly/Madden, Addiego) – Provides for temporary approval of WIC vendor applications if the applicant currently operates another approved program

A-3598/S-2588 (Gusciora, Bramnick, Fuentes, Lampitt, Schepisi/Turner, Scutari) – Establishes conditional dismissal program in municipal court

A-3615/S-2447 (Coutinho, A.M. Bucco, Munoz/Van Drew, Rice) – Codifies protections set forth in certain case law and limits use of eminent domain under the “Local Redevelopment and Housing Law”


A-1273 (Coughlin, O’Donnell) – CONDITIONAL VETO – Requires SHBP to provide certain information to participating public employers [Click here to read veto message]

A-1279/S-896 (Coughlin, Wisniewski/Vitale, Sacco) – CONDITIONAL VETO – Directs NJTA to study and report on potential revenue generating services of NJTA rest areas and service plazas [Click here to read veto message]

A-1578/S-1450 (Wisniewski, Prieto, Giblin, Quijano/Weinberg) – ABSOLUTE VETO – Establishes “Truck Operator Independent Contractor Act” [Click here to read veto message]

A-1857/S-2433 (Diegnan, Coughlin /Vitale, Beach) – ABSOLUTE VETO – Provides that President of Municipal Clerks’ Association of New Jersey shall serve as member of Government Records Council [Click here to read veto message]

A-2737/S-897 (Coughlin, Benson/Vitale, Greenstein) – CONDITIONAL VETO – Clarifies intent of Legislature to protect certain senior tenants; aligns housing age restrictions with federal law [Click here to read veto message]

A-3039/S-2033 (Conaway, Lampitt, Benson/Whelan) – CONDITIONAL VETO – Establishes NJ Council on Lupus Education and Awareness in DOH [Click here to read veto message]

A-3082/S-2260 (Greenwald, Riley, Chivukula/Beach) – ABSOLUTE VETO – Limits motor vehicle rental companies vehicle license cost recovery fee to good-faith estimate of actual costs; requires company to annually adjust fee to reflect actual costs  [Click here to read veto message]

A-3222/SCS for S-1773, 2162 (Fuentes, Wilson, Riley, Sumter, Wimberly/Norcross, Turner) – ABSOLUTE VETO – Revises law concerning the purchase of scrap metal [Click here to read veto message]

A-3227/S-2152 (Giblin, Johnson/Whelan) – ABSOLUTE VETO – Establishes procedure for licensure of timeshare salespersons  [Click here to read veto message]

A-3270/S-2413 (Riley, Wagner, Mainor, Giblin/Beach, Ruiz) – CONDITIONAL VETO – Requires Commissioner of Labor and Workforce Development to develop career exploration report for students in grades 7 through 12 [Click here to read veto message]

A-3489/S-2540 (Dancer, Burzichelli, Wagner, Caputo/Sweeney, Gordon) – CONDITIONAL VETO – Allows monies statutorily dedicated to standardbred or thoroughbred horse racing purses to be used for benefit of horse racing industry, subject to agreement between permit holder and representative horsemen’s organization [Click here to read veto message]

A-4149/S-2899 (Burzichelli, Dancer, Amodeo, Bramnick/Norcross, Bateman, O’Toole, Whelan) – CONDITIONAL VETO – Authorizes New Jersey Racing Commission to grant special permits for horse racing on beach and for steeplechase race meeting; allows wagering on such races [Click here to read veto message]

A-4232/SCS for S-2844 (Fuentes, Singleton/Norcross) – CONDITIONAL VETO – Creates pilot program to allow certain county utilities authorities to fund certain local infrastructure [Click here to read veto message]

A-4237/S-2858 (Gusciora, Stender, Eustace, Wagner/Turner) – ABSOLUTE VETO – Changes date of 2013 general election from November 5th to October 16th [Click here to read veto message]

A-4249/S-2882 (Greenwald/Gill) – ABSOLUTE VETO – Requires opportunity to vote early in person using paper ballots on October 16, 2013 for both general election and U.S. Senate vacancy candidates [Click here to read veto message]

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