CNN Poll: Christie Angst Persists

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Christie and RubioAn increasingly bitter and desperate Buono campaign sent out a fundraising solicitation this weekend to its supporters, Save Jerseyans; they’re looking for funds to launch a TV ad to combat “a radical Tea Party governor who is more worried about becoming president than leading our state.”

If either of those charges were true, then New Jersey’s incumbent Republican governor might be polling stronger in 2016 primary surveys. He’s not. The Christie angst that I warned you about in the day following Hurricane Sandy persists.

Click here to see the full poll results and data tables from today’s new CNN survey.

CNN specifically found that 17% of Republicans and Independents leaning towards the eventual Republican nominee in 2016 back Christie, but relative to the expanded primary field, Paul Ryan (16%), Rand Paul (13%) and Jeb Bush (10%) aren’t far behind. Marco Rubio earned only 9% and Ted Cruz came in at 7%, two points ahead of Rick Santorum (5%).

Democrats look to have an easier time in 2016 provided that Hilldawg ultimately runs. Hillary “Pull My Benghazi” Clinton earns 65% of Democrats and Independents who are leaning towards supporting the Democrat nominee regardless of who is nominated.

Joe Biden, who was campaigning in Iowa this past weekend, is the next “biggest” draw at only 10%. I suspect that those Dems are almost exclusively Biden staffers, family members and Onion readers.

Back to our primary for a moment: am I the only one concerned about a repeat of the 2012 primaries, Save Jerseyans? Where our strongest nominee emerges wounded, vulnerable and stretched too thin?

I doubt it, but many Republicans prefer to fight as much as Democrats tend to favor playing “follow the leader,” so I’m preparing for the worst.

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