POLL: Christie Tops SC Primary Field

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

south carolinaIt’s been taken as gospel that Chris Christie would struggle in Heartland and Dixie primaries owing to his “independent” streak.

Don’t be so sure, Save Jerseyans. Folks like a winner, and folksy folks appreciate a straight-shooter.

Check out the results of this new Harper poll over at ConservativeIntel.com:

“With the backing of 19 percent of likely GOP primary voters, Christie narrowly leads a field that includes Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (17 percent), Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (13 percent), Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (12 percent), and 2012 vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan, Wisc. (Full topline results here.) Christie draws most of his lead from self-described moderates, 45 percent of whom back him. (Crosstabs for GOP primary voters.)”

That last part, however, is the key factor to consider. Other recent polling has also shown the GOP Governor under-performing with self-described conservative Republicans.

In all likelihood, the South Carolina field won’t feature Christie + Cruz/Paul/Rubio/Ryan. It could, sure, but it’s worth considering how much higher than 19% Christie can go if the field of major candidates is reduced to 4 or even 3. Would a significant portion of the other 81% consider voting for the New Jerseyan who “hugged” Obama, accepted the Medicaid expansion and reversed course to support a version of the “DREAM” Act?

The Harper poll didn’t ask voters to select a “second choice.”

We’ll keep you in the loop…

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