Trunk Launches 2nd TV Attack Ad

Trunk Launches 2nd TV Attack Ad

New GOP Challenger Commercial Slams Sweeney Over Fenimore Landfill, Ethics

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

LD3 GOP Senate Challenger Niki Trunk is taking another crack at Senate President Steve Sweeney in her latest TV spot, Save Jerseyans:


Efforts by Sweeney’s caucus to hold up the Fenimore legislation has been a regular avenue of attack for this year’s LD3 Republican slate which includes Freeholders Larry Wallace (R-Gloucester) and Bob Vanderslice (R-Salem), candidates for Assembly.

It hasn’t been easy. Trunk and other competitive New Jersey Republican legislative candidates have come under a withering paid media assault financed by the independent committee “Fund for Jobs, Growth & Security” reportedly backed by powerful Democrats including South Jersey’s George Norcross III.

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