Online Gaming Still Has Bugs

By Art Gallagher |

Online-gambling[1]My first hand was blackjack and my $5 bet paid $7.50. Not a bad start to my Internet Gambling experience. Within a few minutes the $20 I deposited with was up to $37.50. I wanted to double my money and quit for the day.

Within about 10 minutes by balance was $5 dollars and I lowered my bet to $1.00.  I was down to $1.00 and could feel the urge to deposit more money, despite my promise to myself to quit playing when I either won or lost $20. Then my luck changed again. I inched my balance back up to $15 when I increased my bet back to $5. Within another 15 minutes I met my goal of doubling my $20. With $40.01 in my account I stopped playing.

There was a small message on the screen. “Your $50 bonus is awaiting you.” Cool!

I claimed my $50 gift. You can’t withdraw the money, you have to wager it. My balance was now $90.01. I had to play the $50 by Wednesday or lose it. So I put $50 on the virtual table and started making $5 bets.

After a few hands, the $50 was down to $45 and I got booted.  A message popped up on my screen that said I was outside the State of New Jersey, which I wasn’t, and that gaming regulations required my wagering be terminated.

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