You Voted for Peanuts, Folks

You Voted for Peanuts, Folks

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

PeanutjarThe next legislature selected its new leaders on Thursday, Save Jerseyans.

What are they working on? 

Well, for starters, the Senate Transportation Committee advanced a resolution sponsored by Joe Kyrillos (R-Monmouth) urging airlines to raise peanut allergy awareness:

“Peanut allergies can have lethal consequences and are nothing to mess around with,” state Senator Kyrillos communicated in a press release. “Airlines have a responsibility to provide basic safeguards for passengers with special health needs. People who report a peanut allergy to an airline should have the comfort of knowing they won’t be served peanuts or put in danger of an allergic attack because of a fellow passenger’s snack.”


Look, folks: I’m not trying to antagonize or tease poor Joe Kyrillos. I swear! Scout’s honor.

And I’m also not attempting to trivialize the severity of peanut allergies in any way whatsoever. But I do think it’s extremely important for taxpayers to come to terms with what they selected on Tuesday by giving Chris Christie another Democrat legislature, or at least those taxpayers in competitive districts which went blue for the legislative races despite voting for the Guv further up the ballot (remember: 1,854,422 votes were case for Republicans and only 1,730,896 for Democrats, meaning Republicans were under-counted by roughly 124,000 votes).

You’ve voted for the unaffordable status quo.

Going forward, the Democrats will continue to block far-reaching reforms like the rest of Governor Christie’s tool kit which could’ve actually lowered property taxes (as opposed to simply slowing the rate of growth). Trenton Dems also have much less incentive than ever to deal with Chris Christie on big items since he’s (1) never running statewide again and (2) will increasingly focus on national pursuits. Steve Sweeney’s gubernatorial campaign began on November 5th.

The Trenton Republicans, in turn, won’t get much accomplished other than protesting airline peanuts and banning horse slaughter. Get ready for a resolution adopting green eggs and ham as the official state foods; Steve Sweeney and Vincent Prieto won’t post much else!

So way to go, New Jersey. Genius move. A flippin’ master stroke. You’ve locked us all into a spiral of higher taxes for the foreseeable future. At least the misery will be #bipartisan; hoping that makes you feel better about it.

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