Caption Obvious

Caption Obvious

By Dale Glading | The Save Jersey Blog

GOPAs if on cue, the day after I wrote my previous post about the not-so-well-intentioned advice being disseminated to the Republican Party by liberal columnists, along comes E.J. Dionne with another useless piece of unsolicited dribble.

In his most recent bit of nonsense, Dionne claims that the Republicans in congress are hopelessly splintered because some of them voted for the budget deal hammered out by Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Patty Murray and some didn’t.


According to Dionne, we have ourselves a breaking news story that is of such national importance that it would have pushed the Lindberg kidnapping or the Kennedy assassination off the front page.

Do editors really pay journalists to write this stuff?  If so, maybe they should change Dionne’s byline to read, “Captain Obvious.”

Yes, E.J., there is a bit of a riff going on between the Tea Party conservatives and the GOP establishment.  But do you know why that is?  Because each element of the Republican Party – while they may not always agree – at least stands for something.

Meanwhile, the Democrats paint an artificial smile on their overly-botoxed faces and sing Kumbaya around the congressional campfire for the opposite reason.  Simply put, they stand for nothing – and everything – at the same time.

Sure, it’s easy to get along when the only core belief you have is that no one is permitted to have any core beliefs.

Which leads me back to my earlier post about why the GOP shouldn’t worry about permanently losing the youth vote – and why the Democrats should.

In addition to the boldface lies told by President Obama, the comically inept rollout of Obamacare, and the increasing debt load being shouldered by Millenials as a result of student loans and individual mandates, there is one more reason why America’s young people may turn back to the Grand Old Party.

It’s this simple: Millenials don’t like being spied on.

This generation – so deeply linked to the technology that they grew up with and have since mastered – resents their emails, phone calls, texts and online habits being monitored by Uncle Sam.

So if the Republicans want any unsolicited advice from me, it is this: play the libertarian card for all it’s worth.  Do that and you will win over the Millenials for the next 20 years.

I wonder if E.J. Dionne’s editor is hiring.

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  1. Better than we think, but still a disaster as a nation. We're bankrupt and we're overtaxed – more-so now than last year and more-so last year than the year before.

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