Lance Defends Ryan Amid Budget Flap

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Leonard LanceU.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-NJ07) offered an assist to Paul Ryan and his Capitol Hill team on Thursday evening, Save Jerseyans, as elements of the D.C. conservative class loudly decried what they view as a federal budget deal betrayal perpetrated by the House GOP:

“Far from perfect, the Ryan-Murray budget compromise amounts to a modest agreement that averts another government shutdown, replaces the President’s sequester with smarter cuts, reduces the deficit by more than $20 billion and provides a level of certainty on spending that has not occurred in Washington for several years. All without raising taxes.

“It is the first bipartisan budget deal brokered under divided government since 1986 and a small step forward in restoring some sanity and order to the budget process. I applaud Chairman Ryan and Chairwoman Murray for their efforts, which I hope will lead to future agreements that improve our economy, tackle our long-term fiscal issues and create jobs so desperately needed.”

Ryan has publicly described his negotiated tentative budget as “a really good step in the right direction.” Heritage Action and its allies directly counter that it merely kicks the can down the road and “represents a step backwards” due to spending increases, user fee hikes and other concessions. Ryan, in turn, told Sean Hannity fellow Republicans need to be realistic, conceding that while “[t]his is not an agreement to balance the budget,” our U.S. “[e]lections have consequences.”

“We’re going to have to win a couple of elections to actually pass the kind of budgets that you and I are in favor of,” Ryan concluded.

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