Left Goes After Wally Edge (to Get Christie)

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

"Wally Edge"
“Wally Edge”

The all-out Democrat push to wound Governor Chris Christie ahead of 2016 is already well underway, Save Jerseyans, but the New Jersey Dems think they’ve finally bloodied the waters with the unlikeliest of all scandal fodder: traffic jams.

You can click here to get caught up on the substantive details. The allegations boil down to one question: did the Port Authority get political and retaliate against the Democrat Mayor of Fort Less for refusing to endorse Governor Christie’s bid for reelection?

For those of you without much North Jersey commuting experience, the lanes from Fort Lee to the George Washington Bridge constitute a vital traffic artery up that way.

The man reported to be at the center of it all is former Livingston Mayor David Wildstein. Most of our readers have never heard the name, but a few veteran New Jersey political blog patrons will recall that Wildstein served as editor of PolitickerNJ for many years under the pen name “Wally Edge,” a nom de plume derived from the Republican Governor and U.S. Senator who loomed large during the Nucky Johnson era of Garden State politics.

Demcorats are accusing Wildstein and other of playing Nucky-style politics with their jobs. Until his resignation on Friday, Wildstein served as the authority’s director of interstate capital projects. More chum for the sharks.

What started out as a mundane, back page, superficially procedural story of the variety that only ardent Trentonphiles would ever find interesting is now attracting the attention of national liberal outlets including Mother Jones and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

Dedication of 9/11 Memorial
Bill Baroni (center) at an Essex County 9/11 memorial dedication.

Unfortunately for MSNBC and the rest of the Left, Rachel Maddow’s attention does not a story make. Even Mother Jones admits that “vanishingly unlikely that Christie himself had anything to do with this.”

There’s no national story here without a direct link to the Governor or one of his inner circle disciples to which Wildstein is connected, sure, but not a member.

Bill Baroni is an extended member.

He’s the former LD14 GOP State Senator and the current Deputy Executive Director of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. A popular guy on both sides of the aisle during his tenure in Trenton, Baroni’s influence and network are extensive in New Jersey Republican politics even to this day. It’s a lot easier for the Governor’s enemies to imagine a Christie inner circle adviser concocting a scheme over dinner or by phone with Baroni than with Wildstein.

That’s why Democrats are presently considering subpoenaing both men to testify before the Assembly’s transportation committee. Did I mention that the head of this committee is none than John Wisniewski, the former Democrat state party chair who, in the past, has been tied to shadowy political action committees in his notoriously corrupt home base of Middlesex County? 

The Wiz isn’t exactly a moral authority! That being said, Save Jerseyans, I’m not prejudging this instant Fort Lee scrap. Not at all.

I’m simply trying to provide you with the kind of valuable perspective (of the kind that, ironically, Wally Edge used to offer up at a different stage of his career) that Mother Jones and MSNBC won’t bother to offer up because they’re only interested in beating up the GOP’s 2016 front runner. We’ll wait to learn more.

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  1. Just leave Christie alone!! YOU, the jealous and pathetic Liberals or YOU will be getting the worst treatment from your constituents,!! AND the whole Liberal doctrine will be loathed and never to be trusted and supported again!

  2. Looks like MSNBC, Rachel Maddow and the rest of the Left were on to something.

    This man should never set foot in New Jersey again. Gleefully screwing over the children of political opponents is reprehensible.

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