Fort Lee Hosts Contrite Christie

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie hit the road after Thursday’s dramatic, 107-minute long Bridgegate press conference to apologize in person to Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich (D):


Not everyone feels… conciliated? Fox Business spoke to a number of Fort Lee small business owners today who complained of closure-related problems and expressed skepticism towards the Governor’s promise that he wasn’t involved in the decision. It’s also a Democrat town; 60.9% of voters there pulled the lever for Barack Obama in 2012, but Christie carried Fort Lee by a little more than 800 votes (3735 to 2941 for Buono) last November.

4 thoughts on “Fort Lee Hosts Contrite Christie

  1. Right. Because Sucklovich took the moral high ground calling for ass kickings, and saying he didn’t want an apology from an “idiot”.
    All of these jackiciles are worse than 3rd graders. Whineberg and Pusscrell in particular.
    It’s disgraceful.

  2. Alright Mark, the pejoratives are over the top. BOTH sides need to stick with issues rather than hate.

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