Christie Uncorks On Wildstein, NY Times

By Art Gallagher |

Governor Chris Christie’s office went on the offensive today, attacking The New York Times and David Wildstein, in an email to friends and allies, according to a report at Politico.

The email reads as follows:

5 Things You Should Know About The Bombshell That’s Not A Bombshell

1. New York Times Bombshell Not A Bombshell. A media firestorm was set off by sloppy reporting from the New York Times and their suggestion that there was actually “evidence” when it was a letter alleging that “evidence exists.” Forced to change the lead almost immediately, the Times was roundly criticized, and its editor was forced to issue this extraordinary statement to the Huffington Post:

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42 thoughts on “Christie Uncorks On Wildstein, NY Times

  1. Beginning to look pathetic to try to come up with something that sticks. It’s all ado about nothing.

  2. Love how the SL is reporting “the media” is on the Wildstein story. By the media, they must mean Hillary’s campaign manager- the NY Times-and themselves.

  3. The Ultimate RINO Chris Christie is going down and taking the rest of the corrupt RINO Establishment down with him. This means the Tea Parties will take over the NJ Republican Party and elect a conservative legislature in 2015 and Mike Doherty for Governor in 2017.

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