MPC Throws Cold Water On Kornacki

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Michael Patrick Carroll
Michael Patrick Carroll

The boorish liberals over at MSNBC (a “news” station which, in case you’ve missed it, is now 24/7 devoted to Christie Bridgegate conspiracy theories) are quickly running out of credible conspiracy theories to keep their tiny but loyal viewership occupied, Save Jerseyans.

As the C.S. Monitor Harry Bruinius wrote quite accurately, Bridgegate is “looming less large” as of late.

Why? Multiple investigations, thus far, have failed to produce a shred of evidence directly connecting the Governor to the Fort Lee lane closures. Zero. Zip. Nada. There’s time for something to come out, of course. But people are getting bored. Me included. Obnoxiously-overboard wall-to-wall coverage tends to produce that effect!

MSNBC isn’t taking the hint. Maybe they assume there’s nothing to lose with ratings in the toilet and months to go before the midterms heat up?

At least someone had the stones to tell them, however gently, that it’s time to come up for air.

Guess who?

SCI member Michael Patrick Carroll, who first discussed his concerns with the legislative investigation with Save Jersey, stayed true to character on Sunday night during an appearance on UP with Steve Kornacki, throwing cold water on the host’s latest tin-foil hat idea. The reliably-conservative Carroll has made regular appearances on television since the special legislative committee formed; he joked on Facebook that “[one] more” MSNBC appearance “and I think I might face a primary from the right.”

In reality, we’re all grateful for a tea spoon of sanity in a stew of stupidity on that channel!

This segment isn’t short but it’s entertaining and speaks volumes concerning MSNBC’s insatiable lust for Christie scandal news… even if that means manufacturing it in the studio…