Carroll: Impeachment Only Aim of SCI

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Michael Patrick Carroll
Michael Patrick Carroll

“The Chairman perhaps, in a moment of inadvertent honesty last weekn, dropped the ‘i’ word, and that’s the only possible rationale for this committee existing at all.”

That’s the brutally honest truth bomb dropped by Asm. Michael Patrick Carroll (R-Morris) on yesterday’s edition of NJTV News with Michael Schneider, referring of course to Asm. John Wisniewski’s decision to raise specter of Chris Christie’s impeachment before his investigatory panel was even substantively underway.

Asm. Carroll, who is a member of the joint committee, first raised concerns about the SCI’s apparent lack of purpose (or restraint) to Save Jersey back on January 16th before the legislative committees were combined.

A waste of time AND expensive, too? “The question is how many hundred of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money are we going to drop on Illinois counsel in order to discover the why, when that might be as easily found by the attorney general or by the United States attorney,” added Carroll.

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  1. The new (as of 2007) MO of the Dems is ruthless attacking any time, any where and about anything true or false. The want investigation til 2016. That is the purpose of the bridge issue.

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