Notable N.J. absences from the Christie endorsement list

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Governor Chris Christie unveiled an extensive endorsement list of NJ GOP legislative and political personalities on Tuesday afternoon after his presidential campaign launch speech, Save Jerseyans, no small feat in the face of badly-sagging approval among the party faith state-wide (a new FDU poll released today found 22% of New Jersey Republicans ruling out supporting him in the primary).

But there were a few notable absences from the list (the full list, btw, is below the fold):

Amy Handlin
Amy Handlin

Tom Kean Sr. – His son, Senate GOP Leader Tom Kean Jr., surprised some by throwing in behind the Chris Christie today despite a breakdown in relations between the state’s two leading Republican families. The beloved former Governor did not show in Livingston, however, and his support remains a question mark. We’ll see if he shows up at a Garden State-based Jeb Bush fundraiser planned for later this summer…

Joe Kyrillos – This has been widely-reported and doesn’t require additional discussion. Click here for background if you’ve been living under a rock or are brand new to New Jersey politics.

Scott Garrett – This New Jersey Republican congressman to stay off  the list isn’t a shocker. To anyone.

Chris Smith – More surprising than Garrett, the pro-life champion of Central Jersey has been a major Christie booster in the past but, according to sources, his office has run into conflict with the Governor on a few issues, notably Sandy recovery. We’ll see if a statement is still forthcoming…

Mike Doherty – The fiercely independent and libertarian-leaning state senator who said Christie had “no one to blame but himself” for Bridgegate is the least-surprising abstention. His support for Ron Paul in the past makes Rand a likely future endorsee but nothing official to date.

Chris Brown (R-2) – It all started when the Atlantic County legislator called out the Governor for cutting a deal with South Jersey Democrats in 2013. The proximate cause of today’s abstention? Chris Christie’s support for North Jersey casinos is political poison in Brown’s heavily-contested split district. He’s looking for distance.

Michael Patrick Carroll – Intellectual, conservative and, like Doherty, unapologetically independent, Asm. Carroll served on the Bridgegate SCI committee, has criticized some of the Governor’s budgeting practices and, as he likes to jokingly remind people, beat Christie in a particularly ugly 1995 Assembly primary. “I have not endorsed anyone,” Carroll told me after the speech. “That does not mean that I don’t think [Chris Christie] wouldn’t make a great POTUS. I just want to consider the choices carefully.”

Amy Handlin – My best guess? Like her colleague from Monmouth County Joe Kyrillos, I’ve been told Bridgegate really disillusioned the Assemblywoman (she also served on the SCI with Carroll). She’s also not the type to really care about what people think as she illustrated on the floor Monday.

Holly Schepisi – the popular Bergen legislator is recovering from successful brain surgery but has donated $1,000 to the cause. “I haven’t yet decided,” Asw. Schepisi tells Save Jersey, “but no formal endorsement for anyone until I’m back on my feet.”



Current and Former Statewide Elected Officials:
Kim Guadagno, Lieutenant Governor, New Jersey
Jeffrey Chiesa, Former U.S. Senator, New Jersey
Donald DiFrancesco, Former Governor, New Jersey

Chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee:
Samuel S. Raia, Chairman, New Jersey Republican State Committee

New Jersey Republican National Committee Members:
Bill Palatucci, National Committeeman, New Jersey
Virginia “Ginny” Haines, National Committeewoman, New Jersey

New Jersey Republican Congressmen:
Frank LoBiondo, Congressman, NJ-02
Tom MacArthur, Congressmen, NJ-03
Leonard Lance, Congressman, NJ-07
Rodney Frelinghuysen, Congressman, NJ-11

Republican Leaders of the New Jersey Legislature:
Thomas H. Kean, Jr., State Senate Minority Leader, District 21
Jon M. Bramnick, Assembly Minority Leader, District 21

Member of the New Jersey State Senate:
Diane B. Allen, State Senator, District 7
Dawn Addiego, State Senator, District 8
Christopher J. Connors, State Senator, District 9
James W. Holzapfel, State Senator, District 10
Jennifer Beck, State Senator, District 11
Samuel D. Thompson, State Senator, District 12
Christopher “Kip” Bateman, State Senator, District 16
Steven Oroho, State Senator, District 24
Anthony R. Bucco, State Senator, District 25
Joseph Pennacchio, State Senator, District 26
Robert W. Singer, State Senator, District 30
Gerald Cardinale, State Senator, District 39
Kevin J. O’Toole, State Senator, District 40

Members of the New Jersey General Assembly:
Samuel D. Fiocchi, Assemblyman, District 1
Chris J. Brown, Assemblyman, District 8
Maria Rodriguez-Gregg, Assemblywoman, District 8
DiAnne Gove, Assemblywoman, District 9
Brian Rumpf, Assemblyman, District 9
Greg McGuckin, Assemblyman, District 10
David W. Wolfe, Assemblyman, District 10
Mary Pat Angelini, Assemblywoman, District 11
Caroline Casagrande, Assemblywoman, District 11
Robert Clifton, Assemblyman, District 12
Ronald S. Dancer, Assemblyman, District 12
Declan O’Scanlon, Jr., Assemblyman, District 13
Jack Ciattarelli, Assemblyman, District 16
Donna Simon, Assemblywoman, District 16
Nancy Munoz, Assemblywoman, District 21
John DiMaio, Assemblyman, District 23
Erik Peterson, Assemblyman, District 23
Alison Littell McHose, Assemblywoman, District 24
Parker Space, Assemblyman, District 24
Anthony R. Bucco, Jr., Assemblyman, District 25
Jay Webber, Assemblyman, District 26
Betty Lou DeCroce, Assemblywoman, District 26
Sean T. Kean, Assemblyman, District 30
David Rible, Assemblyman, District 30
Robert Auth, Assemblyman, District 39
Scott Rumana, Assemblyman, District 40
David C. Russo, Assemblyman, District 40

New Jersey Republican County Chairs:
Keith Davis, Chairman, Atlantic County
Bob Yudin, Chairman, Bergen County
Bill Layton, Chairman, Burlington County
Thomas Booth, Chairman, Camden County
Michael Donohue, Chairman, Cape May County
Michael Testa, Jr., Chairman, Cumberland County
Al Barlas, Chairman, Essex County
Kevin Murphy, Chairman, Gloucester County
Jose Arango, Chairman, Hudson County
Patrick Torpey, Chairman, Hunterdon County
Lisa Richford, Chairwoman, Mercer County
Sam Thompson, Chairman, Middlesex County
Shaun Golden, Chairman, Monmouth County
John Sette, Chairman, Morris County
George Gilmore, Chairman, Ocean County
John Traier, Chairman, Passaic County
Fran Grenier, Chairman, Salem County
Al Gaburo, Chairman, Somerset County
Ailish Hambel, Immediate Past Chairwoman, Sussex County
Glenn Mortimer, Chairman, Union County
Douglas Steinhardt, Chairman, Warren County

Members of the New Jersey Republican State Committee:
Joe Cafero, Committeeman, Atlantic County
Sonya Harris, Committeewoman, Atlantic County
Ben Focarino, Committeeman, Bergen County
Darlene Shotmeyer, Committeewoman, Bergen County
Larry Chatzidakis, Committeeman, Burlington County
Mary Ellen Lister, Committeewoman, Burlington County
Jeff Kasko, Committeeman, Camden County
Marie Knott, Committeewoman, Camden County
Tom Rotondi, Committeeman, Cape May County
Lynda Pagliughi, Committeewoman, Cape May County
Mike Barruzza, Committeeman, Cumberland County
Gloria Noto, Committeewoman, Cumberland County
Tom McDermott, Committeeman, Essex County
Marie Vicchiariello, Committeewoman, Essex County
Bill Fey, Committeeman, Gloucester County
Barbara Cappelli, Committeewoman, Gloucester County
Russell Maffei, Committeeman, Hudson County
Irene Kim Asbury, Committeewoman, Hudson County
Stephanie Pierce, Committeewoman, Hunterdon County
Jack Rafferty, Committeeman, Mercer County
Christine Bator, Committeewoman, Mercer County
Don Katz, Committeeman, Middlesex County
April Bengivenga, Committeewoman, Middlesex County
John Costigan, Committeeman, Monmouth County
Larry Casha, Committeeman, Morris County
Christina Ramirez, Committeewoman, Morris County
Tom Kelaher, Committeeman, Ocean County
Ginny Haines, Committeewoman, Ocean County
Marie Sieber, Committeewoman, Passaic County
Mike Mulligan, Committeeman, Salem County
Joan Melino, Committeewoman, Salem County
Victor Sordillo, Committeeman, Somerset County
Janice Fields, Committeewoman, Somerset County
Parker Space, Committeeman, Sussex County
Jill Space, Committeewoman, Sussex County
James Foerst, Committeeman, Union County
Dorothy Burger, Committeewoman, Union County
Jason Sarnoski, Committeeman, Warren County
Mary van Lieu, Committeewoman, Warren County

New Jersey Republican Countywide Elected Officials:
Dennis Levinson, County Executive, Atlantic County
Frank X. Balles, Sheriff, Atlantic County
Alex Marino, Freeholder, Atlantic County
Frank Formica, Freeholder, Atlantic County
John Carman, Freeholder, Atlantic County
Rich Dase, Freeholder, Atlantic County
James Bertino, Freeholder, Atlantic County
Michael Saudino, Sheriff, Bergen County
Maura DeNicola, Freeholder, Bergen County
John Felice, Freeholder, Bergen County
Jean Stanfield, Sheriff, Burlington County
Tim Tyler, Clerk, Burlington County
Bruce Garganio, Freeholder, Burlington County
Mary Ann O’Brien, Freeholder, Burlington County
Joe Donnelly, Freeholder, Burlington County
Gary Schaffer, Sheriff, Cape May County
Rita Fulginiti, Clerk, Cape May County
Kristine Gabor, Freeholder, Cape May County
Will Morey, Freeholder, Cape May County
E. Marie Hayes, Freeholder, Cape May County
Gerald Thornton, Freeholder, Cape May County
Leonard Desiderio, Freeholder, Cape May County
Thomas Sheppard, Freeholder, Cumberland County
James Sauro, Freeholder, Cumberland County
Carman Daddario, Freeholder, Cumberland County
Mary Melfi, Clerk, Hunterdon County
John Lanza, Freeholder, Hunterdon County
Suzanne Lagay, Freeholder, Hunterdon County
Matthew Holt, Freeholder, Hunterdon County
John King, Freeholder, Hunterdon County
Shaun Golden, Sheriff, Monmouth County
Christine Hanlon, Clerk, Monmouth County
Gary Rich, Freeholder, Monmouth County
Serena DiMaso, Freeholder, Monmouth County
Edward Rochford, Sheriff, Morris County
Ann Grossi, Clerk, Morris County
William Hank Lyon, Freeholder, Morris County
Doug Cabana, Freeholder, Morris County
Kathy DeFillippo, Freeholder, Morris County
Tom Mastrangelo, Freeholder, Morris County
John Cesaro, Freeholder, Morris County
John Krickus, Freeholder, Morris County
David Scapicchio, Freeholder, Morris County
Michael Mastronardy, Sheriff, Ocean County
Scott Colabella, Clerk, Ocean County
John “Jack” Kelly, Freeholder, Ocean County
Jim Lacey, Freeholder, Ocean County
John Batlett, Jr., Freeholder, Ocean County
Gerry Little, Freeholder, Ocean County
Charles Miller, Sheriff, Salem County
Gilda Gill, Clerk, Salem County
Dale Cross, Freeholder, Salem County
Robert Vanderslice, Freeholder, Salem County
Douglass Painter, Freeholder, Salem County
Julie Acton, Freeholder, Salem County
Benjamin Laury, Freeholder, Salem County
Frank Provenzano, Sheriff, Somerset County
Brett A. Radi, Clerk, Somerset County
Brian Levine, Freeholder, Somerset County
Peter Palmer, Freeholder, Somerset County
Patricia Walsh, Freeholder, Somerset County
Patrick Scaglione, Freeholder, Somerset County
Mark Caliguire, Freeholder, Somerset County
Jeffrey Parrott, Clerk, Sussex County
Phillip Crabb, Freeholder, Sussex County
Richard Vohden, Freeholder, Sussex County
George Graham, Freeholder, Sussex County
Dennis Mudrick, Freeholder, Sussex County
Gail Phoebus, Freeholder, Sussex County
Edward Smith, Freeholder, Warren County
Richard Gardner, Freeholder, Warren County
Jason Sarnoski, Freeholder, Warren County


Co-Chair – Jon Hanson, Hampshire Real Estate Companies, Far Hills, NJ
Co-Chair – Finn Wentworth, Normandy Realty, Morristown, NJ
Fred Alworth, Gibbons P.C., Randolph, NJ
George Gilmore, Gilmore and Monahan, Toms River, NJ
Jim Appleton, Ewing, NJ
Rich Bagger, Celgene Corporation, Summit, NJ
Jon Bramnick, Bramnick Rodriguez Mitterhoff Grabas Woodruff, LLC, Westfield, NJ
Senator Jeff Chiesa, Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC, Branchburg, NJ
Todd Christie, Ernst & Young, Mendham, NJ
John Clancy, Education & Health Centers of America, Inc., West Caldwell, NJ
Kurt Conti, Conti Group, New Providence, NJ
Arthur Corwin, Arthur Corwin Civil Engineering, Morristown, NJ
Fletch Creamer, Fletch Creamer & Sons Contractors, Hackensack, NJ
Keith Davis, Nehmad Perillo & Davis, Linwood, NJ
Ed Deutsch, Mcelroy Deutsch Mulvaney & Carpenter, Morristown, NJ
Peter de Neufville, de Neufille & Co, Branchburg, NJ
Craig Domalewski, Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski, PC, Randolph, NJ
Larry Downes, New Jersey Resources, Princeton Junction, NJ
Mike DuHaime, Mercury, Westfield, NJ
Patrick Dunican, Gibbons P.C., Newark, NJ
The Hon. Mike Ferguson, Ferguson Strategies LLC, New Providence, NJ
Nelson Ferreira, Ferreira Construction Co., Inc., Branchburg, NJ
Dale Florio, Princeton Public Affairs Group, Trenton, NJ
Daniel Geltrude, Geltrude & Company LLC., Nutley, NJ
Michael Gilfillan, BCS Capital, Madison, NJ
Christine Gilfillan, Madison, NJ
Larry Hesse, Hesse Construction, Bay Head, NJ
Russ Hewit, Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski, P.C., New Vernon, NJ
Bob Hugin, Celgene Corporation, Summit, NJ
John Inglesino, Inglesino, Pearlman, Wyciskala & Taylor, Rockaway, NJ
Larry Inserra, Inserra Supermarkets, Ramsey, NJ
Ralph Izzo, Public Service Enterprise Group,  NJ
Dr. Seema Jain, Gynae Galaxy, Sparta, NJ
Dr. Rachana Kulkarni, Medicor Cardiology, Bridgewater, NJ
Jerry Langer, Langer Transport Company, Montville, NJ
John Lutz, McDermott Will & Emery LLP, Franklin Lakes, NJ
Tom Maoli, Lexus of Route 10, Far Hills, NJ
Alex Markowits, Spring Hill Communities, Lakewood NJ
W. Nevins McCann, Connell Foley, Jersey City, NJ
Ketan Mehta, Tris Pharma, Princeton, NJ
Bruce Meisel, First Westwood Realty and Jefferson Realty, Saddle River, NJ
Nick Menas, Fox Rothschild LLP, Medford, NJ
Jeff Michaels, Optimus Partners, Hillsborough NJ
Senator Kevin O’Toole, O`Toole Fernandez Weiner Van Lieu LLC, Cedar Grove, NJ
David Pecker, American Media, Inc, NJ
Chris Polimeni, NJ
Sam Raia, Raia Properties, Saddle River, NJ
Laura Saker, Saker ShopRites, Red Bank, NJ
Richard Saker, Saker ShopRites, Red Bank, NJ
John Saraceno, Onyx Equities, Ridgewood, NJ
David Satz, Caesar’s Entertainment, NJ
Brent Saunders, Actavis, Far Hills, NJ
John Sette, Lohman & Associates Inc, Morristown, NJ
Chuck Shotmeyer, Shotmeyer Bros, Franklin Lakes, NJ
Michele Siekerka, Robbinsville, NJ
Candy Straight, Movie Producer, Bloomfield, NJ
Vincent Tufariello, Atrium Health Group, Wayne, NJ
Ed Walsh, Avison Young, Basking Ridge, NJ
Jim Weinstein, NJ
Jerry Zaro, Sills Cummis, Ocean, NJ


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  1. Since my “legislators” are all Dems….(can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how bad they are!!!! :-S my answer would be no. That alone would make me consider supporting him.

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