TK2 working the room in Livingston

TK2 working the room in Livingston

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Guadagno, Kean and ChristieNo official word yet as to whether it could be construed as an endorsement, Save Jerseyans, but Tom Kean Jr. is in the house at the Livingston High School Gymnasium this morning for Governor Chris Christie’s presidential campaign announcement.

More than one reliable New Jersey Republican insider source tells Save Jersey that it’s likely more than just a social call.

After his appearance at a Jeb Bush NYC dinner with Joe Kyrillos earlier this year, it was assumed that the Senate GOP leader and his father, former Governor Kean, were likely to endorse the former Florida Governor. The Christie-Kean alliance got rocky during the 2013 election when Christie and TK2 scrapped over campaign strategy and, in the election’s aftermath, Christie supported a failed attempt to replace his former mentor’s son as the top Senate Republican. More recently, however, Christie threw his support behind Kean’s port authority reform measure.