Assembly Passes New Magazine Limit

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

NJ Assembly ChamberThe New Jersey Assembly struck yet another blow against the rule of law today, Save Jerseyans, by passing both A-2006 (a 10-round limit on the capacity of gun magazines) and A-2777 (defines “reasonable deviation” in the context of transporting firearms).

Assemblyman Republican Conference Leader David Rible (R-Monmouth and Ocean) didn’t mince words:

“Passage of the gun magazine ban is a victory for all gun-toting criminals who will continue to ignore our gun laws. At the same time, the legislation approved today only serves to make criminals out of law-abiding gun owners.”

The Senate majority supports new magazine limits; its fate will soon be in Governor Chris Christie’s hands. Click here to contact his office.


12 thoughts on “Assembly Passes New Magazine Limit

  1. Dear governor christy please dont sing the bill that lowers the amound of rounds that, The mags could hold 15 is state legal.up hold the constitution and 2 amedment.thanks Gilbert

  2. How do I have a chance to protect myself with the crooks, where there may be more than 2 of them, have 15 round clips and I only have 10. That’s 30 rounds they can fire to my 10. Why do these Democrats want to jeopardize my Life???

  3. Democrats are just protecting murderers, robbers and rapists, their natural constituency. I wish Republicans would protect their constituency – the taxpayers – with equal fervor. As for Christie, the bill is a litmus test: he can either score some primary points by vetoing the bill, or angle for Hillary’s VP slot by signing it.

  4. Great :o(…what next? 5? 1 round mags? I guess we get what we deserve, sitting on the couch and letting these liberals take over. You see….their barking up the wrong tree and only going for the easy kill since they can’t effectively reduce crime in Newark, Trenton, Camden, Irvington etc…they are going after “Law Abiding” citizens of NJ.
    What these politicians are projecting here is “we are not pro-active about the children, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters dieing each day in our own crime ridden innner cities but we can spend tax payer money and resources and go after projected hypathical occurances here in NJ”.

    These politicians say they brokered a deal with NJ 2A rights groups but they lie, maybe they spoke to Sweeneys fishermen group NJOA but ANJRPC and NJ2AS reporting no contact whatsoever,

    I am so very sorry for those children and families in CT, have have 3 kids my own but I grew up differently. With all due respect, I can only assume these politicians did not grow up around guns and taught gun safety. My father taught me and I teach my kids, My dad brought his .22 on bus in Maspeth NY , go to school, leave it in his locker till shooting class after school. My uncle boards bus in Paterson in the 60’s with shotgun to go hunting in Oakland and Haskell NJ. When I was 10 I’d walk out of house in West Milford with my older brother with shoguns and spend the day in the woods target practicing. When I went to high school seniors still had guns in gun racks in trucks. Education and parenting and upbringing is the key.

    For the record…. 25 and 30 rounds mags are standard to the rest of most U.S.. “15” round “High Capacity” is a joke.

    Maybe a Jersey revolution is in order starting with then moving onto ejecting….

    Louis D Greenwald primary sponsor A2006 (Democrat) District 6
    Annette Quijano primary (Democrat) District 20
    Timothy J. Eustace primary (Democrat) District 38
    Gordon M Johnson primary (Democrat) District 37
    Mila M Jasey primary (Democrat) District 27
    Bonnie Watson Coleman cosponsor (Democrat) District 15
    John F McKeon cosponsor (Democrat) District 27
    L. Grace Spencer cosponsor (Democrat) District 29
    Gabriela M. Mosquera cosponsor (Democrat) District 4
    Gary S Schaer cosponsor (Democrat) District 36
    Reed Gusciora cosponsor (Democrat) District 15
    Cleopatra G Tucker cosponsor (Democrat) District 28

    and eject any Republicans that voted yes also.

  5. People you MUST call, fax, email, and write Chris Christie and let him know we oppose this bill. Let him know that if he signs A2006 into law the gun owners across the country will NEVER let him past the first wave of the presidential primaries. Let him know his presidential campaign will be DOA!

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