Coulter Gets It Half Right

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Ann Coulter offered up a few good points in her CPAC interview with Sean Hannity, Save Jerseyans, including a critique of the mob mentality of those conservatives going after Mitch McConnell in this year’s Kentucky Primary.

Her critique of Chris Christie’s CPAC address? Or more precisely, her analysis of the reaction? Half right:


Yes, conservatives who still distrust MSNBC more than Christie are inclined to side with him over them notwithstanding their growing list of reservations.

But Coulter provided Hannity’s Fox News audience with the complete answer without knowing it. Governor Christie continues to benefit, I’d argue in spite of himself, from inherent weaknesses in the White House and the rest of the Republican field. As much as I’m a fan of the guy, Senator Rubio’s unfortunate vacillation on the immigration reform issue, referenced by Coulter in the segment above, serves as a prime example of the reason why Chris Christie is still in the hunt despite being beset by public scandals and acts of conservative heresy.

Crimea is another.

What did the Governor’s CPAC reception tell me? Other than that conservatives are generally polite people? An unspoken truth: the Republican Party – and even a significant sample of this year’s CPAC crowd – is tiring of the “purity” approach to base politics. It failed spectacularly in 2012.

We’re willing to trying something different this time around. We’re craving a strong man after many years of exile. Someone who says the right things in a debate with Hillary Clinton and seems fully-capable of staring down Vlad the Putin. So the question of the hour is whether Chris Christie still has enough string on the spool to thread the needle or, alternatively, if someone like Scott Walker can jump into the race and blow this baby wide open.

It all goes quite a bit deeper than antipathy for the MSM mafia. That’s a symptom. Not the disease.

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    “… An unspoken truth: the Republican Party – and even a significant sample of this year’s CPAC crowd – is tiring of the “purity” approach to base politics. It failed spectacularly in 2012…”
    – Matt Rooney


    The “Base” had nothing to do with Romney, McCain or Dole; they were the Establishment’s candidates… and they all lost.

    Conservatives love a person who will stand up for our principles against the Big Government Liberals (in both parties), and stand by their friends when the going gets tough.

    Christie failed that test in the 2012 election, and we won’t soon forget it…

  2. @Pete Tell me which part of Mitt Romney’s platform wasn’t conservative and I’ll concede that there’s some merit to your argument.

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    @Matt: how could the inventor of, “Romneycare,” be an effective opponent of Obamacre? Every time Romney attempted to say he would repeal it, Obama would say, “But look what you did with Romneycare in Massachusetts?”

    Romney’s a nice guy, but…

  4. @Pete We didn’t lose because of Obamacare. It’s only now getting to the point where most folks can feel the pain. The VA exit polling told most of the story: There’s also the popularity/historical dynamics at work here. 40% of the country is already locked-in on either side of the aisle. The squishy 20% in the middle bounce around for a variety of reasons.

  5. Don’t compare apples to oranges. I don’t like Christie and will only trust him as far as I can throw him, but Bridgegate would be a complete nothingburger if a certain pantsuit-wearing witch hadn’t let out her flying media monkeys. Turd McConnell, however, has been carrying water for the Dems a few times too often. It would hurt me to see KY go part-blue, but it hurts me even more to see spineless slugs like McConnell and Boehner destroy the GOP from inside while fellating their Chamber of Commerce overlords. If Mitch declares that he’ll step down as a fraction leader in the Senate, I’ll send him money for reelection; otherwise, I wish him a happy retirement.

  6. Romney lost in 2012 because he was squishy soft on everything and stabbed in the back by Christie. As to the GOP platform, it means bupkis. RINOs use the platform to keep Conservatives on board, but the reality is as soon as RINOs are elected they disregard the platform and embrace whatever their Chamber Of Commerce masters and Wall Street campaign contributors tell them. 2012 was also a disaster here in New Jersey because RINOs gave us Joe Kyrillos, as pathetic a candidate as anybody could get. A wet dish rag would have gotten more votes against a corrupt political hack like Bob Menendez. Steve Lonegan, OTOH, ran a much more competitive race against Cory Booker than Kyrillos gave us against Booker, and he did that with alot less money, little Establishment support, and very little time to mount an effective campaign. However, Lonegan still managed to win a higher percentage of the vote than Kyrillos. If 2012 teaches us anything is RINOs can’t be trusted, and the only option is to support real Conservatives even if they have to run as independent or third party candidates.

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