Ledger Aiding and Abetting Booker

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Cory Booker (D-Twitter)This ‘letter to the editor’ from Murray Sabrin’s comms director is worth a read, Save Jerseyans… it very much encapsulates what we’ve been saying for years:

Star-Ledger Editor:

How special that The Star-Ledger has all the time in the world to grill Sen. Cory Booker on his NCAA men’s basketball tournament bracket picks and hold him accountable for his “gut thing” upset prediction of Stephen F. Austin over VCU. After all, didn’t New Jersey voters elect him to waste his time and their money this way?

Booker thinks his job consists of sending out marginally obscene Twitter messages, regaling Senate colleagues with how he drove to Hawaii and now gracing us with his round ball wisdom.

Maybe he’s bucking to win Warren Buffett’s $1 billion prize for the perfect March Madness bracket? Hope he wins – and then retires.

On issues facing the nation, he’s MIA. War or peace, Ukraine, excessive federal spending, the National Debt, the mass exodus of people from New Jersey because the place is too damned burdened with taxes to be affordable – where is he?

And how about answering questions that stem from the state comptroller’s scathing report on rampant corruption under his nose and on his watch while he was mayor of Newark? When will The Star-Ledger find time to grill him on that?

On them all he’s nowhere, that’s where. Care to ask him?

Scott St. Clair
Communications Director
Murray Sabrin for U.S. Senate 2014

3 thoughts on “Ledger Aiding and Abetting Booker

  1. “Ledger Aiding and Abetting Booker.” In other news, water is wet and the Pope is Catholic.

  2. The Press is protected by the U S Constitution. In return the Press owes all Americans a duty to report the truth and not become part of a political machine. Most of the U S Press has abdicated its responsibility and become political shills misleading America and actually harming her. The Star Ledger is no exception. Great letter Scott St Clair.

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