Norcross Draws Primary Challenge

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

DonkeyFrom CBS News:

Logan Township Mayor Frank Minor is expected to announce his candidacy for the open seat. He’s been in office 11 years and also works as a top official at the Delaware River and Bay Authority.  The only announced Democrat in the race, state senator Donald Norcross, has much of the announced official party support. But Minor is undaunted.

“I don’t have the resources to compete with the Norcross machine obviously. We’ll run a spirited campaign,” Minor tells KYW Newsradio. “We’ll run a campaign based upon the issues and the qualifications and we’ll run a campaign with whatever resources that I have at my disposal.”

Presumptive GOP nominee Garry Cobb is formally launching his campaign on Monday as reported first by Save Jersey.


8 thoughts on “Norcross Draws Primary Challenge

  1. I am NOT supporting Norcross. He’s a crook and a liar. Supporting Minor for congress

    Norcross should be under federal investigation

  2. I’m a “Registered Democrat”and I think that a primary challenge is a start in the right direction. I don’t know much about Minor, or just how he shakes out on various issues, but I hope that this isn’t just a “food fight” for public consumption.
    Minor need to come up a Position Paper on just what makes him different from Norcross, no reason to replace Norcross with his double, I would just stay out of the fray as these challenges historically go nowhere.
    I don’t think that a position with the notorious Port Authority is a plus on your resume.

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