Why people choose social medias

Once upon a time there wasn’t cellular phones, no computers and nothing starting with the e prefix: no e-mail, no e-commerce, etc.

Then, technologies started to do giant steps forward in order to offer more and more, but also to increase the business in this field. So, now we have technology everywhere and this leads to the fact that technology is more and more obsessive and intrusive in people’s life.

Role of social medias today

Actually, today you can’t imagine to communicate without to avoid using your email account or your Facebook profile. And what about Instagram and Twitter? If you have a clue of how many users social networks count today, then you will surely see how damaging is the massive use of technology.

Famous actors or singers as well as normal people can meet on the same social medias by simply opening a personal account. Communication develops in a way which is totally new to the history: no more social limits or obstacles are given to the free communication.

Social Media

This freedom is the typical feature of internet: users can freely access almost any kind of website, they can create as many accounts as they want and they can visit as many website as they need.

Total freedom

“Total freedom” could be the name of this new epoch dominated by technology. However, anything that looks too beautiful can hide a danger and technology doesn’t represent an exception.

Actually, all this freedom can lead to a wrong use of technology and social networks, so it’s worth to know whom you allow to communicate with you.

Stalkers can hide even behind the nicest person and fake accounts are a true story.

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