Christie Leads Fox News Poll

8 thoughts on “Christie Leads Fox News Poll

  1. Push Poll…were they always read in the same order? Gave him the “column”, did we? What State were the voters in? What were the demographics? If you target the right audience, William F. Buckley would win, and he’s dead. 1012 registered voters in what towns? Let me guess…not Camden. Not Newark. Not Jersey City. Certainly not Hoboken. I also bet that the 1012 polled couldn’t identify the home state of most of the other candidates, or a photo. Polls and Yard Signs don’t vote, and Farmville is in no one’s district.

  2. Any poll that has a Bush in double digits is GOP elites’ wishful thinking. “No More Bush” is not just a Gillette commercial anymore.

  3. CC was being “coarched” by GHWB (“Senior”) over the Bridgegate Scandal (coached to keeo it in the forefront, so nobody would pay attention to the Sandy $$ debacle, or the findings in Docket # L-1933-13 “LaVergne v Lonegan”. The implications of LaVergne and the other plaintiffs PREVAILING in that suit are enormous, but one would have to understand how ballot construction works to know what that meant. June will be when they figure it out.

  4. Why all the Christie and Bush hate? The way I see it, as long as we win the Senate in ’14, keep it in ’16 and keep Clinton out of the White House, we could nominate a giant talking hippo if it gets us 270 electoral votes.

  5. Giant talking hippo!? How dare you to talk like that about your Governor! 🙂

    Now, seriously, we’ve been there with Romney. Nominate another squish and the base stays home, and there won’t be nearly enough Republican money to buy independents and compete against in-kind donations that our “free” press calls “editorial support”.

  6. I fear that if Christie is nominated, the outcome of the Presidential election will be the same as the last two. Christie is the same exact kind of Republican as McCain & Romney: he believes that every problem can be solved by spending more money, that we should be the policeman of the world, and that we should continue fighting the failed war on drugs. Candidates like this who are all about business as usual in Washington will not get elected, If primary voters haven’t figured this out by now, they never will.

  7. This is merely a collusion to ensure that, one way or the other, we get more of exactly the same regardless of party membership.

    If the media declares “TOP TIER” candidates the likes of a Bush or a Christie, I am emphatically voting LP – AGAIN – in ’16.

    On a side note, it is time for a new home – NJ.COM is clearly pushing out all commenters that deviate from the accepted liberal narrative.

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