Failure in Four Numbers

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Barack ObamaDid you enroll? Or get rolled?

An Obamacare deadline synopsis in four numbers:

684 million dollars spent on marketing Obamacare to people who don’t want it (or to pay for it)

7.1 million sign ups as of April 1st for Obamacare, but without any indication how many actually paid and how many were previously uninsured

6 million lost health care coverage because of Obamacare

30 million  folks who Democrats told us didn’t have insurance in order to justify Obamacare


25 thoughts on “Failure in Four Numbers

  1. If you believe that 7 million number is real, I have a great oceanfront property in Colorado I’d like to offer you for a good price.

  2. Stupid, uninformed Americans will watch channel 4 News, think everything is wonderful and vote for democrats. Until the liberal media gets thrown out and unless Americans pay attention to what’s really going on…..we will not be able to reverse this mess.

  3. And if my Grandma had balls she’d be my Grandpa. Unless and until confirmed by irrefutable independent reports, the numbers are a fib, a fabrication, a propaganda product, and giving them even conditional value means handing Obama a partial victory by perpetuating his lie.

  4. Aw, I love you guys. A number you don’t agree with is there so suddenly it’s not real. Never change, stay gold, Ponyboy.

  5. Go get a koolaid and a spare set of kneepads, fanboy. You’ll need them. Obama’s waiting.

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