Taxes Paid? Nah. 24 More Days to Go…

Taxes Paid? Nah. 24 More Days to Go…

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

The government wants to suck your blood, Save Jerseyans!
The government wants to suck your blood, Save Jerseyans!

Happy Tax Day, Save Jerseyans!

The good news? You’re alive. Congratulations.

The bad news? You just paid an arm (and a leg) to the government and, in real terms, you’re still going to work, on average, another 24 days this year in order to afford your 2014 tax burden.

Every year, the folks over at the Tax Foundation calculate, on a nationwide and state-by-state basis, the day upon which each state’s citizens have earned enough money to pay their respective total tax bills for the year. 

New Jersey is now tied with Connecticut for the latest Tax Freedom Day in the nation: May 9th.

Set aside every other issue of war, peace, public policy or culture conflict for a moment. None of it matters if we can’t afford to stay in our homes, does it?

That’s why you are unacceptably ignorant if you continue to vote for a Democrat Party that continues to create taxes, raise taxes and refuse to reform the major drivers of others. Proponents of reform aren’t only ignored but, in some recent notable cases, pilloried by the establishment. The money we do send south on I-95 doesn’t come back unless we beg for it and even then returns in the form of pennies on the dollar.

It’s quasi-masochistic behavior and certainly not fair to the rest of us! So do your family a favor and use today as an opportunity to wise the hell up…


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  1. How ironic! Russians celebrate their victory against Fascism on May 9, while we in New Jersey celebrate a temporary relief from it.

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