Outgunned Lonegan Grabs for the Mic

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Approximately 50 supporters gather to watch Steve Lonegan launch his CD3 campaign in Toms River. (2/6/14)
Approximately 50 supporters gather to watch Steve Lonegan launch his CD3 campaign in Toms River. (2/6/14)

With available evidence suggesting that his name recognition-generated early advantage is fading in the face of a $2 million counterattack from the campaign of primary opponent Tom MacArthur, Save Jerseyans, and facing the threat of legal action for controversial statements related to MacArthur’s former career, former Mayor Steve Lonegan is leaning on a favorite Christie tactic to maximize exposure: the town hall.

His campaign announced two upcoming events over the weekend, one for each of the two counties comprising CD3:

Monday, May 12, 2014
Lacey VFW Post 10118
2652 W. Lacey Road
Forked River, NJ 08731

Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Medford Memorial Community Center
21 South Main St.
Medford, NJ 08055

The campaign also welcomed “credentialed” media to attend which in of itself highlights something interesting and different about the present contest. Up until now, the Lonegan campaign has shied away from engaging its candidate and the media, a tactic which represents a dramatic departure from Lonegan’s prior campaigns where impromptu themed press conferences were a weekly occurrence. Is that about to change?

Three weeks to go…


8 thoughts on “Outgunned Lonegan Grabs for the Mic

  1. The “legal action” is a threat only…There’s that pesky Constitution to consider, Tom. (And the case law was won by one of my personal mentors back in the 1930’s….Rest in Peace, Tom Daly)

  2. Steve Lonegan was interviewed on Dom Giordano’s radio show this morning. Dom announced that he will be the moderator for a debate between Messrs. Lonegan and MacArthur next week, I think he said the 21st. Should be interesting.

  3. Oh, is that why he said threat of legal action, right there in the article? Thanks, buddy!

  4. Squire Runyan will go back to his horse farm and live the life of lesser gentry, while the rest of us get killed by higher taxes and toll increases.

  5. By the way, they don’t sell Jimmy Olsen “Daily Planet” decoder rings, anymore. There is no such thing as “Press Credentials”. That’s why we were able to film the court in “LaVergne v Lonegan”.

  6. “SLAP LAWSUIT”. It’s a thing. Case has no merit. Tom needs better lawyers.

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