McConnell Wins Big in KY

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

I want to offer a hearty New Jersey congratulations to the victorious Mitch McConnell, Save Jerseyans, ’cause if a man with a 100% ACU rating is a RINO, then gosh, who isn’t?

Here’s hoping he’s Majority Leader McConnell come January, and while we’re at it, that the painfully fruitless RINO hunting fad is drawing to a close:


47 thoughts on “McConnell Wins Big in KY

  1. I will never forget McConnell’s assertion that the GOP’s greatest priority was to make Obama a one term president. How the Republicans whole-heartedly put party before country and that they had no ideas to build themselves up, just to tear others down.

  2. Matt, a “100% ACU rating” is only the scorecard on the vote itself, and NOT his true intentions or political position as a whole. Keep in mind it is not just the actual VOTE that counts,

    A pertinent issue is the way McConnell worked the Debt Limit vote earlier. When Ted Cruz demanded that they use the 60-vote threshold to pass the debt limit, which heretofore had actually been the standard to ensure significant bi-partisan support, McConnell and his Establishment lieutenants quashed the attempt, resulting in a straight-up vote. This allowed the GOP establishment types to vote “NO,” because their votes were not necessary to pass the bill, and even allowed a couple of red-state democrats to vote “NO” as well and still pass with ample margin.

    This is insidious, as the end result is an ACU-friendly “NO” vote, while getting the DESIRED Establishment GOP result, which is a passing of the debt limit ceiling raised. Please look behind the curtain next time to see what’s really going on.

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