Pezzullo Stands with Bennett

Pezzullo Stands with Bennett

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Rich Pezzullo
Rich Pezzullo

He’s facing the challenge of his political life from Sheriff Shaun Golden, Save Jerseyans, but incumbent Monmouth Republican Chairman John Bennett still has his supporters including county resident Rich Pezzullo, the Monmouth committee’s choice for the NJ GOP U.S. Senate nomination.

Pezzullo’s backing was full-throated.

“He is the Republican in Monmouth county who has known me as a political figure the longest – almost 20 years,” Pezzullo told Save Jersey on Thursday. “He’s set a good example for me as a professional, politician and organizer. I’ve seen him in his roles as a political opponent and political partner. I’ve known him as he grieved the loss of his father, gave his daughters off to marriage and celebrated the birth of his grandchildren. It would be hard to have so much respect for a person and entertain the thought of not supporting him when his record is full of committed service, personal sacrifice and genuine accomplishments.”

The committee will decide Bennett’s fate on June 10th.



39 thoughts on “Pezzullo Stands with Bennett

  1. I like this guy. Him and Goldberg would both be fine by me. Of course, I am pretty upset that we didn’t get a better field of candidates. But of the four options, Bell and Sabrin are absolutely, 100% and entirely devoid of electability, and would alienate not only independents but even moderate Republicans. I’ve yet to meet either Pezzullo or Goldberg, but I’m looking forward to hearing more about them and making a decision ahead of the primary.

  2. So, I take it that Pezzullo is not the GOP Establishment guy from the way you’ve tried to minimalize him by calling him “county resident Rich Pezzullo”. Guess who will get my vote.

  3. Elaine, with all due respect, the reason Mr. Rooney called him a “county resident” is because there’s nothing else to call him. He’s never held elected office before. None of them have, actually. And also, if you’ve been paying an ounce of attention, you’d know that NONE of them are “establishment” candidates. The various county party organizations split their support amongst 3 of the candidates. No money, no name recognition, no party support: whoever the nominee is doesn’t matter. They’re toast come November. You’re missing the bigger story here and that is the Chairman’s race. Why does Sheriff Golden want this so badly? Who’s pulling his strings? He is a good Republican and a good Sheriff but this is damaging the party I’m afraid. Senator Bennett has done a good job from fundraising to party building. The Sheriff while he is indeed a good Sheriff, is a political amateur

  4. Can’t help chuckling … someone told me Leonard Lance said – “of course he did, he’s a Monmouth Boy”

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