Poll: Christie/Bush/Paul Running Behind

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Pollster John Zogby hasn’t fully recovered his reputation since the 2004 exit polling predicting a Kerry landslide that never mercifully never materialized, Save Jerseyans, but his most recent 2016-related survey is attracting attention from political junkies.

Why? Because ominous news for Republicans is always interesting to opinion drivers, and the results of his Zogby Analytics poll reveal a double-edged sword for 2016’s most-discussed GOP contenders: a front runner Democrat (Hillary Clinton) under 50% despite nearly universal name recognition BUT support for Republican alternatives mired in the 30-something range…

Will we wake up on a cold day in January 2017 and wonder for what does it profit a man to gain the U.S. Senate and forfeit the White House to a Clinton?

Zogby says it’s a demographic problem: 


43 thoughts on “Poll: Christie/Bush/Paul Running Behind

  1. Hillary has not been bloodied enough yet. This too will change. Polls mean nothing yet. Besides, neither Christie, Paul or Bush will be the nominee. Look to a “Walker, Pence or a Kaisich” to materialize

  2. 902 likely voters can not possibly be used as any true barometer. What was the makeup of the universe they sampled? How skewed was it with democrats vs republicans? How many independents? This “poll” is meaningless without those variables. Then factor in Zogby’s credibility issues in the past.

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