$$$ for Abortions But Nothing Else?

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

3 Month Old Baby in Womb
A human baby at 3 months living in the mother’s womb.

Here we go again, Save Jerseyans.

The Trenton ruling elite continue to flagrantly waste our money on all manner of ridiculousness, fail to meet important pension and transportation obligations without borrowing or raising tax/fees, can’t be bothered to return any of our tax dollars to us in the form of a modest tax cut, but somehow always summon the collective will and means to fund… abortion.

Yes, they’re sick puppies, and Senate Bill S784 is the Democrat caucus’s umpteenth attempt to restore $7.5 million in “family planning” funding vetoed annually by Governor Christie. No less distressing is Senate Bill S1203, legislation that would subsidize ObamaCare family planning for “non-pregnant” New Jerseyans living between the 138% and 200% federal poverty levels.

What can men and women of good faith do except speak out? “Sooner or later, New Jersey will have to foot more of the bill for the expansion. The federal government will not pay 90% of the costs for eternity,” said AFP communications director Mike Proto, testifying against S784 on Thursday before the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee. “Does anyone really think legislators kick people out of the system when the federal government lowers its match to 50% or less or doesn’t help pay for this at all?”

Proto’s criticism of S1203 was also directly on-point.

“ObamaCare requires every citizen to purchase comprehensive coverage, yet this bill does not accomplish that. Assemblywoman Casagrande noted this when the bill came up in committee on the Assembly side. The administration has also voiced similar concerns. It just makes no sense to enact legislation that will invite litigation and is likely to be overturned in the courts.”

It’s even more egregious when you consider how many New Jerseyans lost coverage thanks to Obamacare… and how many inmates are being subsidized by it…

And where is the money coming from again???

It truly makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Whether these pro-abortion legislators are crazy, stupid, or deranged enough to derive joy from abortion?

I suppose it really doesn’t matter; the only relevant point is that they’re wrong and need to be opposed at every bend in the road.


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  1. According to the Constitution, there are 3 branches of government; Executive, Legislative and Judicial. When did Heritage Fdn start giving orders?

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