Who’s Wasting Money Now?

Who’s Wasting Money Now?

Trenton Dems Don’t Want to Fund Special Election But Find Millions (of Your Dollars) for Public Abortion Funding!

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

unborn babyBudget wrangling continues under the Dome today, Save Jerseyans, as legislative challengers and the U.S. Senate special election candidates continue to traverse the Garden State’s highways and byways in search of an advantage.

Word on the street is that they’ve settled on a $32.9 billion budget (representing a $1.2 billion increase from FY 2013). Want to know what’s ticking me off? Other than the obvious?

The Senate and Assembly budget committees, respectively, released the following two bills this week:

A4171/S2824: providing medicaid coverage for family planning to residents earning up to 200% of the federal poverty level and below

A4172/S2825: Allotting $7, 453,000 for family planning services

Nice, right? 

Trenton Democrats continue to squawk over the cost of a special Senate election while simultaneously trying to spend MILLIONS of our tax dollars on abortion. It’s like I always say, folks: to buy into this bulls–t, you need to be either (1) evil or (2) stupid. The hypocrisy of these jerks is so glaringly evident that ignorance is no longer an excuse to support them.

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