Booker Prefers to Run at the Koch Bros.

Booker Prefers to Run at the Koch Bros.

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

cory booker paradeI’ve explained innumerable times why the Democrats’ anti-Koch Brother fixation is absurd, Save Jerseyans, but boogeymen are the best fundraisers, and our favorite social media philosopher Cory Booker (D-Twitter) isn’t above it.

His campaign sent out a fundraising email on Wednesday after Jeff Bell won the GOP primary warning that “Bell fought his way through a crowded primary and now that he’s won his spot on the ballot, we expect the big Koch-connected money to start pouring in.”

Um, we wish! And hope. We’ll need all of the hope that we can get. It’s incontrovertibly true that Big Labor is the major player in our state’s federal and down-ballot races. Democrats are also leading the PAC donation race and, more ominously still, boast a rich bevy of billionaire mega donors like Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer the latter of whom is actually single-handily holding up the Keystone pipeline.

Senator Booker’s strategy is nevertheless likely to succeed. His base is gullible. Better yet, he’s got close to 1000-times cash on hand (yes, you read that correctly) more than Mr. Bell at the moment. It’s aggravating. The good news? Imagine what we’ll be able to accomplish one day, in our lifetimes, when the old media monopoly crumbles and empty suits like our junior senator have no one left to cover for him…


6 thoughts on “Booker Prefers to Run at the Koch Bros.

  1. because of the New Jersey Democrats in the Legislature, it Guarantees that companies like Boeing, BMW, and Toyota will NEVER build a factory in New Jersey.. So why are we always electing Democrats to represent us in Washington?

  2. I like what a certain Bergen Reporter said privately about Booker…
    “He’s not afraid of the Republicans…the numbers are firmly on his side. He’s afraid of Eugene LaVergne.”

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