Sabrin: I’m Done Running

Sabrin: I’m Done Running

By Matt Rooney | The Save Jersey Blog

Murray Sabrin
Murray Sabrin

After a disappointing 4th place finish in Tuesday’s 4-way GOP #NJSen primary, Save Jerseyans, libertarian Professor Murray Sabrin says he’s done with running for office, announcing instead that he intends to focus on writing and producing documentaries reflective of his political beliefs.

He also offered a full-throated endorsement of the ultimate victor, Jeff Bell, choosing to characterize the results as an affirmation of his worldview rather than a rejection of his libertarian ideals. 

“The Republican Party last night selected a solid fiscal conservative who will bring to the fall campaign ideas on how to turn the economy around,” Sabrin opined in a statement obtained by Save Jersey. “Ideas by the way I have been advocating for at least 40 years. In other words, although I personally did not win the nomination, my ideas did.

“I look forward to sitting down with Jeff at an early date to share our commonly-held ideas on reining in the Federal Reserve and its economically-destructive policies on interest rates as well as ideas to spur economic growth, create jobs and restore respect for the Constitution,” Sabrin added. “We speak the same language at the same level, so that should be a great conversation.”


10 thoughts on “Sabrin: I’m Done Running

  1. Proof that all the money & branding in the world can’t stop Murray Sabrin from being Murray Sabrin.

  2. Congratulations to Jeff Bell on achieving “the same level” as Murray Sabrin, and championing Mr. Sabrin’s ideas… which nobody other than Mr. Sabrin ever thought of, making him the official inventor of conservatism.

  3. Thank God for this. He was ignorant enough to hire the lamest “consultants” ever. No more long- winded, over worded BS in an attempt to sound intelligent. With any luck, his sleazy “team” will go away too.

  4. In his last press release he attacks Pezzullo and Goldberg. He’s literally in the middle of endorsing Bell and attacking Pezzullo and Goldberg…good riddance, Dr. Sabrin. The king of last place reigns forever.

  5. Looks like we won’t have “Maverick Murray” to kick around anymore. BTW, what’s Rick Shaftan going to do? His two biggest meal tickets are calling it quits.

  6. Despite not looking like a pol, not sounding like a pol, without a war-chest or the backing of the political establishment, and against all odds, you don’t quit. Hats off to you Murray for standing up for what is good and right. You are an American patriot and someone our Founders would be proud to call a fellow American. “Never ever give up!”

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